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Top 5 Traditional Foods in Abu Dhabi

>> Nov 5, 2015

Abu Dhabi being a tourist hot spot remains crowded with visitors all year round, sometimes for sightseeing and the other times for beach activities. Besides the city charm that attracts visitors, Abu Dhabi is worth visiting for the scrumptious traditional foods served here. A connoisseur of tasty and unique food will find a plenty of options in Abu Dhabi, but the traditional foods listed below can surely bring new experience to taste buds.

Stuffed Camel

Stuffed camel is the specialty dish of UAE and served in the best restaurants of Abu Dhabi all over the year for visitors. Stuffed camel, originally a traditional wedding dish of Bedouin communities, is the largest dish one can have in a menu. The main ingredients of the dish include lamb, fish, rice, eggs and chickens. Stuffed with all the main ingredients, it is the most amazing dish across the world. Hardcore non-vegetarians will find this dish like a treat for sure.


Though served differently in different restaurants, Shawarma is the most liked and eaten food of the city. Popular chains of restaurants in Asian countries have also begun including this food in the menu. Prepared either with lamb or with chicken, Shawarma is similar in appearance to that of kebab. It is made by wrapping a mixture of fries, tomatoes, garlic sauce and pickles in an Arabic roti. Over years, the popularity of Shawarma has intensified and is likely to increase in the future as well. Local people enjoy this food with a fruit drink prepared specially by mixing strawberry with banana.

Al Machboos
This one is another most sought-after dish of Abu Dhabi comprising rice and meat as the main ingredients. All the main ingredients are sautéed well with onion and Loomy or dried lemon and seasoned with salt and spices to bring the magical taste. The mixture is cooked well for around two hours, making it one of the finest recipes served across Arabia.

Al Harees
“Exotic” is the word to describe this popular recipe of Abu Dhabi. Al Harees is a must try for visitors during the Abu Dhabi tour, as it is not only tasty but also healthy.  Wheat and meat are the main ingredients of the recipe, which is boiled for hours until the mixture becomes a smooth paste. This paste is further cooked overnight in a clay pot to enhance the taste and the richness. The demand of Al Harees goes sky high in weddings and festivals like Ramada and Eid. Nowadays, every restaurant does something creative with this food of the good old days and presents it in a way that everyone just enjoys eating it.

Hummus is actually a dip prepared from chickpeas, tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice and obviously salt. Hummus itself stands for chickpea in Arabic and is the oldest food of the gulf area. It is served in restaurants as a great appetizer and is liked by all for its unique taste. At times, hummus is offered along with dishes like pita bread. Savoury and lemon flavour of hummus may vary with restaurants and sometimes it may have an overwhelming garlic taste and even spicy tone.

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