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Best Weekend Getaways in Dubai

>> Nov 17, 2015

Perhaps the most visited Emirati city in the world, Dubai has over the years transformed into a traveller’s wish list, thanks to its never ending urge to come up with outlandish hi-rise structures, world’s best recreational sightseeing, luxury hotels and shopping arcades - there is so much to choose from that you would be compelled to extend your vacation. However if you are planning for a short weekend stopover at Dubai, you could still experience the best of Dubai in such a short time.

1. Explore the city in a Hop On Hop Off bus
With so much to explore in such a short time, one of the best options to see it all is the city bus tour. Hop on to an open-top bus tour which gives you a choice of routes including all of the famous Dubai landmarks- right from Burj Khalifa and its surroundings to the traditional souks of Dubai.

A simple journey where you can choose from a range of passes depending upon the duration you want to keep exploring the city, you simply hop on to the bus that takes you to amazing sights and glitz of Dubai along with recorded commentary with the choice to hop off at your desired landmark to explore more at your leisure and get on to the next bus coming that route which takes you to other sightseeing.

2. Enjoy the thrills of Water Theme Parks
Dubai has become a destination inspired by innovative ways to entertain visitors with its larger than life style. The city has some of the world’s best water parks perfect for those family weekends to spend those warm sunny days in splashing waters. A trip to Wild Wadi Water Park located at the Jumeirah Beach in front of the mighty Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers some of the best adrenaline rushing thrills, exciting rides and attractions for all ages, all set up in themes around the adventures of Sinbad.
Head to  Middle East’s largest water park – the Atlantis Aqua Venture Park set in The Atlantis The Palm for an action-packed weekend and enjoy an array of adventurous rides, exhilarating slides  set amid tropical landscapes and also try some of the marine adventure activities, such as shark safari, snorkelling, ray feeding and diving. The Lost Chambers of Atlantis is another awesome attraction that takes you to a fascinating journey through an underwater world of exotic marine life.

3. Take a weekend cruise or a dhow trip
Sail out into the open gulf waters on an incredible cruise journey that covers Dubai as well as other Emirati excursions on the way or hop on to a traditional dhow for a weekend getaway along the bordering Dubai waters and enjoy the changing vistas as it meanders through the Persian Gulf and add an extra mile in your vacation with an excursion around the coast of Musandam in Oman which is famous for overnight cruising, unspoiled fjords sceneries and activities like scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling and kayaking.

4. Gear up for some adventure time!
For those of you who are looking for some adventure and adrenaline pumping action, Dubai has lots to offer – right from snow skiing, water sports to sky diving.  Get ready for some action as you try your hand at mountain biking or exciting water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and the hottest new adventure sport – Flyboarding.
For hardcore daredevil enthusiasts, jump off a plane and plunge through the sky as you take in some of Dubai’s most astonishing sights. For not so brave hearts, you can opt for indoor sky diving and float in the air at I-Fly Dubai – one of a kind gravity defying adventure sport that is quickly becoming a rage in Dubai. Another great way to heat up your vacation in a cool way is at Ski Dubai – Middle East’s first and unique indoor ski resort offering loads of snow activities all year around.

4. Venture into the Hatta Reservoir
Enjoy a trip away from the glitzy city of Dubai as you drive through the Dubai deserts to Hatta reservoir which lies near the border of Oman - an oasis in the land of deserts packed with beautiful lake and rugged mountains. The trip is adventurous as you ride on rocky landscapes and pass through the arid river beds known as “The Wadis” till you reach spell bounding vistas of lush landscapes and mountains. Explore this stunning natural terrain at your leisure, and also take a trip to the Hatta village which is a must see when you visit this place.

5. Get a glimpse of history in Old Dubai
Wander through the reminiscent paths of old Dubai where the city’s past is a striking contrast to its new world transformation. Stroll through the famous souks of Dubai where the streets are brimming with the best collection of spices, jewellery, perfumes and hand-woven fabrics. Walk through the slender tracks of Al Bastakiya – Dubai’s oldest quarter which still maintains its antique essence and has some of the oldest remaining l buildings which has amazing architecture with large central courtyards and traditional wind towers.

Many of the streets and houses are now transformed into art galleries, cafes and museums where you can enjoy a leisure time. Visit the Al Fahidi fort which is turned into Dubai Museum and gives you an insight into the Dubai culture, tradition, history in its olden days and explore how Dubai operated as pearl diving village at the Heritage Village.

6. Take an overnight trip to the desert 
Imagine sleeping in the desert with million stars twinkling all above you in the desert sky. Make this a reality with an over night desert safari. Start your exciting adventure zooming in the sand dunes where you can try out an exceptional range of adventures like dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, sand surfing and much more. Unwind in the pleasant serenity of the desert evening with a mesmerizing sunset and a variety of cultural activities to entertain you such as henna painting, music and live Arabic folk lore before enjoying a scrumptious dinner right in the middle of an Arabian ambience with traditional Arabian tents. After dinner, enjoy the calmness of the desert under sequined star filled sky.

7. Go bird watching at Ra’s al-Khor wildlife sanctuary
A bird lover’s haven, Ra’s al-Khor is Dubai's only real desert wetland site located at the head of the Creek and a popular choice for thousands of migratory birds and is particularly famous for sightings of pink flamingos. The sanctuary is a perfect spot away from the city to connect with some of nature’s beautiful species of birds as well as the tranquil wetland retreat is a great way to spend your time in the lap of nature.

So even if you are visiting Dubai for a short span of time, the city never ceases to amaze you with the unmatched getaway options in and around the city that make your trip impressive and keeps you wanting to come back to this destination for more.

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