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Easy lunches for diabetes friendly diets

>> Jan 22, 2016

Diabetes needs neither introductions nor any descriptions. It is one of the most common diseases around the world. Diabetes is such a disease that not only brings changes in our body, but also to our lifestyle as well. In fact, to tackle diabetes and lead a healthy life some life style changes are very essential. The most important one is in our food. Diabetes patients not only should not miss any of their food, but also make sure that their food is healthy and would not affect their blood sugar levels.  So as a diabetic patient, it is advisable to pack your lunch wherever possible. Here some suggestions for tasty and healthy lunch for diabetic patients.


Salads should be an important part of lunch for the diabetic patients. The greatest feature of salads is that you can make them in many different varieties. You can create a different salad every week by varying the toppings. Try grilled chicken, shrimp or fish but avoid including a lot of fattening ingredients like bacon bits and heavy cheeses. The best option is the salads with lots of raw vegetables including carrots, cucumbers, radishes, celery and spinach. Sprinkle nuts or seeds on top, add a few dried cranberries, and garnish with some avocado chunks. But always choose low- fat or fat free salad dressings.


Sandwiches are a healthy choice as long as you choose whole grain bread or whole wheat tortilla. Add lean meat, such as turkey, ham, or grilled chicken; layer on your choice of veggies; add mustard, low-fat mayo, or hummus to the mix, and you have a filling and tasty lunch. But remember to stay away from greasy chips, French fries, and other fattening sides. Instead of these choose fruit, pretzels or carrot and celery sticks to compliment your meals.

With so many healthy choices, soups are an excellent option for lunch. Chicken noodle, chicken and rice and tomato made without cream are all good healthy choices. Others include butternut squash, gazpacho and other chunky vegetable varieties, pasta and bean soups. But cream based soups and chowders should be avoided. Since soup freezes well, you can make a large batch and freeze it in individual containers; with a microwave you have a nearly instant lunch.


If you opt for whole grain pasta, you can enjoy all types of noodles such as penne, angel hair or spaghetti. Top it with a healthy tomato sauce, and then add chicken, shrimp, or turkey meatballs and a variety of vegetables. Add a crisp salad and you have a healthy and filling lunch.


If served in moderation, pizza could be a good choice. Choose a thin-crust variety, opt for light cheese, and include vegetables as the topping instead of fatty meats like pepperoni.

Veggie stir fry

Go for a bowl of vegetable stir fry and brown rice for a more exotic lunch. But avoid the fast food version, which can be high in sodium and fat. So prepare it yourself by sautéing vegetables with a healthy cooking spray and soy sauce.

Here are some more tips in preparing a healthy diabetes lunch.

  •  Choose low-fat or fat-free salad dressings and watch how much you use.
  • Pick whole-grain bread over white bread.
  • Practice portion control.
  • Follow the diabetes food pyramid: Eat more grains, beans, and starchy vegetables and less fats, sweets, and alcohol. In between and equally divided are protein choices, non-starchy vegetables, fruit, and milk and dairy products.
  •  Choose lean protein sources, such as turkey, ham, chicken, lean roast beef, and fish.
  •  Avoid fried foods.
  • Stay away from fatty chips and mayonnaise-based salads, like potato salad. Complement your meal with sliced carrots and celery or fruit salad.
  • If you are craving a sweet after lunch and fresh fruit just won't do, reach for sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt. Be careful of sorbets and sherbets that are loaded with sugar.
  •  Avoid sugary beverages; drink water and tea instead.

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Nancy Chan January 22, 2016 at 7:28 PM  

Thank you for the tips on healthy cooking.

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