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Teachergive Sale 2023

Great Ideas That Will Make Your Small Bathroom More Usable and Look More Spacious

>> Jan 21, 2016

It can be indeed a challenge to accommodate all your essentials and ensure the best functionality in a small bathroom. From placing your sink to configuring the toilet, you need to work smartly!

However, some smart décor tips and clever storage can allow you to get the most out of the small room along with maintaining its class. Want to know some amazing suggestions on it? Have a look at the following tips and tricks.

Store your stuff smartly!

To make your bathroom look spacious, de-clutter it and keep the surfaces and floor clear by storing all the things out of the sight. You can use a vanity cupboard or wall hung cabinets to place all your toiletries, bathroom accessories, towels, etc.

You need to be tricky while adding storage when you lack sufficient space by being a bit inventive! You can add storage areas above a cupboard, shelf, or even the doorway. With minimum space in hand, you can think of mounting your towel bar on shower door. In this way, your towel would be handy to you.

Use bright finishes and colors

The reflecting light in the bathroom would definitely make it feel brighter and visually bigger. Pale paint finishes and high gloss tiles can be a great idea to consider. Moreover, you can lighten up the dark corners with the help of artificial lighting.

Choose the large tile format instead of the smaller ones. Less grout lines helps to give a more spacious look. You can get amazing selection options on bathroom design San Diego to select just the best design for your bath.

Showing off maximum of the floor space can be a great way to enlarge a small space. You can make it possible by moving all the bathroom hardware on the wall. You can consider a wall mounted toilet having a well hung basin, concealed cistern, floating shelves, etc.

Smart use of Mirrors

Proper use of mirrors can effectively make the room visually larger and maximize the light. A long vertical mirror reaching to the ceiling can make the space appear larger, while a wide horizontal one can make the walls appear wide. Placing a mirror on the opposite side of the window will catch the incident light reflecting it back in the room.

Side by side mirrors over double vanity can make the space look smaller, so it shouldn’t be used. The best way can be to opt for a wide horizontal mirror that can reach across the whole vanity.

Make use of the clever designs

You should go for different fixtures and furniture that makes you feel comfortable even in the small space in your bathroom. There are many basin and bathtub designs available in the market that is specially designed to cater the needs of a small bathroom.

You can even think to replace your shower curtain with glass enclosure that allows sufficient light to reflect in your space. Another option can be the usage of a shower screen that can be completely folded when it is not in use.

To conclude, by taking help from the above ideas, you are surely going to end up getting the most out of your small bath. Try to be creative and let the end results make you happy!

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