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Making Detox Smoothies Healthy and Tasty - 5 Tips

>> Jan 11, 2016

It is quite simple to prepare tasty and delicious smoothie. The ingredients are to be thrown into the blender then whizzed until it get smooth. But the fact is that it is not that easy to prepare one, especially for the first timers. Knowing the tips can help the person to have perfect healthy detox smoothie recipes.
Smoothie made in five steps

The smoothie recipe here can help to prepare 2 pints, which is 2 servings.
1.   Adding base: Any one liquid of two cups is to be used:
o   Fruit juice (pineapple, strawberry)
o   Water
o   Coconut water
o   Milk dairy free (sova, rice, oat, almond)
o   Ice
o   Caffeine free tea
o   Coconut milk
Following watery fruits (any 4 cups):
o   Orange
o   Pineapple
o   Watermelon
2.   Adding fruit: This depends upon the amount of water present in fruit. More can be added with more water in fruit, but less is required, creamier the fruit, which could be frozen or fresh.
o   Creamy fruit (Pears, peaches, mango, banana) 2 cups
o   Non-creamy fruit (berries, pineapple) 4 cups
o   If combining fruits, have creamy fruit of 1-2 cups added with non-creamy fruit of 1-2 cups.
3.   Adding filler: Filler if added can help to make the smoothie thicker, creamy and thick. Any of the below mentioned to be added with one cup.
o   Buckwheat
o   Quinoa
o   Oats
o   Avocado
o   Yoghurt
o   Butternut squash
o   Sweet potato
4.   Adding extras: Character and taste is derived from this. Some of the below mentioned is to be added:
o   Mild greens, kale or spinach, 2 cups
o   Cucumber or celery ½ cup chopped
o   Juice of Lemons or limes 1-4
o   Ginger, cinnamon or vanilla, 1 tsp or Cayenne, a pinch
o   Fresh herbs like  basil, mint or parsley, ¼ cup
o   Nut butters, nuts or seeds, ¼ cup
5.   Sweeten for taste: In case, sweetener is required, then for taste add some, depending upon the fruit chose, or the following measurements can be tried out:
o   Liquid sweetener, ¼ cup (date syrup, molasses, honey, maple syrup, agave)
o   Dried  fruit ¼-1/2 cup (dried apricots, raisins, dates or other dried fruits)
o   For taste pure Stevia

Detox Smoothie
For much more cleansing smoothing, some cucumber, ginger or celery is to be added to the smoothie. The strawberry and pineapple smoothie combined with hidden celery is sure to be a hit with everyone.

Blending the smoothie
The liquid is not to be blended with some of the fruit, at first slowly. As the fruit gets submerged into the liquid, more ingredients are to be added at a time, till all gets blended thoroughly. Depending upon the blender used, there could be required to have more liquid to be added or to stop blending and have the blender sides to be scraped after turning the machine off. The smoothie is to be blend for about 1-5 minutes, depending upon how good the blender is.
Perfect smoothie can be derived by using a high-speed blender.

Summary: The detox smoothie can be prepared to be fresh, healthy, tasty and delicious to suit every age. With some preparation tips, the smoothie can be made to everyone’s liking.

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