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Reduce Feedback through Sound Engineering Courses In Mumbai

>> Jan 11, 2016

If you are responsible for live music engineering, you must know that how feedback can ruin a soundtrack. The feedback can be a disturbance in the flow of your performance and make your audience cover their ears. Here are some effective tips that can help in reducing the feedback in live sound engineering:

Positioning and Checking With Sound Engineering Courses In Mumbai:

·         Mic Positioning : Depending on the fold-backs, the microphones are positioned with their different pickup patterns. When you are placing the monitor right behind the microphone, the feedback occurrence has less chance. In the cardioids pickup pattern, you must be careful regarding the depth of the red line. The side fold-back of the microphone possesses more sensitivity than the rear fold-back. If you can place the microphone close to the source, you need not set the gain at high levels. Higher volume output can be observed if the microphone is placed very close to the source.

·         Check High Levels: Try to prepare yourself for avoiding the troublesome sound from the microphone. If you observe that the microphone of the singer is very near to the teetering feedback point, be careful if you want to push it higher. Some channels like the kick drum mic will not face any issue for pushing it higher.

EQ And Feedback Point With Sound Engineering Courses In Mumbai :

·         Connect The Power Of EQ : If you are taking the sound engineering courses in Mumbai, you must know the process of harnessing the power of EQ. This system can easily automate the entire process by monitoring the jumps, spikes as well as the frequency levels. You must learn proper EQ about identifying the frequencies effectively. The gain can be set on a high level and the EQ can then be used in specific troublesome high frequency.

·         Point Of Feedback:  When you have set your gain already, you can try riding the fader with loud sound unless the feedback begins. You can keep a mental note or can draw a spot or line on the PVC tape. The line is marked so that you do not try to push beyond that point. If you are in the middle of a song and has slightly passed the line , try to obtain some more headroom

Speaker Positions And Delay Towers With Sound Engineering Courses In Mumbai

·         Positioning Speakers: The Front Of House (FOH) speakers will not perform well, if they are not positioned properly. They are mostly in-line with the band or present just behind it pointing towards the wall. If the sound can create a throw angle with the speaker, it will definitely bounce back from the side walls or the back walls. The process is known as the comb filtering where the speakers can move their speakers during their performances.

·         Delay Towers: If you can install some delay towers in microphone in outdoors or in the middle floor of the high rise building, you can get the ultimate benefits of delay towers. Depending on the distance, it helps in delaying the sound from faraway places. This ensures that you need not keep the sound of the delayed towers very high and the sound will not appear as two different signals.

To reduce the feedback, you will have to select your microphone properly. You must have the knowledge of the usage of microphone and their specific purposes. If you are using a unidirectional condenser instead of dynamic cardioids, it will never serve your purpose.  As bodies absorb sound, you must be careful when you are checking the sound in an empty room and the program will occur with large number of people.

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