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Home Garden Activities You Can Do With Your Family this Weekend

>> Jan 25, 2016

Bonding together as a family is very important, especially for those who have children. Indeed, many Sydney parents and their kids engage in certain activities, especially those that help the latter learn more about the world. Many parents, in fact, take their kids outdoors and expose their kids to the wonders of nature, which is a perfect place for them to explore and interact. Some go to zoos to witness animal life, while some go to parks and have picnics together. Some families, however, don’t go too far from their homes just to bond together with nature as their backdrop, especially homeowners with spacious garden and those with granny flat designs homes.

The garden is definitely a place for fun and learning for all family members involved. On one hand, parents, especially those who consider themselves “green thumbs,” don’t only get to do what they love, but they also get to share said passion for gardening with their kids. The latter, on the other hand, get to experience the joys of planting and harvesting, not to mention watching the flowers and other plants, and even decorating it with beautiful furniture pieces. Nature working its wonders in the garden is definitely a sight to behold for children. True enough, families can truly cherish certain moments just by tending to their own backyard garden.

But apart from the fact that Sydney home gardens are places where families can bond over gardening tasks, that same area of the house can also be a place where other family activities can be performed. Of course, that would depend on the garden’s size and available space. If you are a parent raising your kids with your husband or wife, bonding moments can be further enjoyed in the garden by putting into mind these ideas:

  • You don’t have to go on a long trip with your family just to enjoy the great outdoors. If your garden is spacious enough and if you have enough equipment, you and your family can actually go camp even just for the night. You can pitch a tent and take advantage of the sunny afternoon to relax, cook over the barbeque, and have your children frolic around the garden grass. You can even set up a small bonfire when the night comes; for sure, children would love to roast marshmallows or hotdogs on it. Bonding moments are great if you, your husband/wife, and your kids also get to go stargazing.
  • Celebrating the birthday of one of your children can be done at the comfort of your own garden. Of course, you can accommodate us much people as you’d want for your son or daughter’s birthday as long as your home garden has enough space to set up chairs and tables.
  • Kids enjoy playing around. Of course, they would want to expend their energy outdoors, so the best place for them to frolic is in your home garden. You can play catch ball with them, Frisbee, or let them play to their heart’s delight. Always remember to keep an eye on them as they do such activities.
  • If you live in one of those granny flat designs, it is likely that you have spacious garden. Improving your garden or home outdoor can be both by you and your family. Instead of doing it by yourself or having someone do it for you, why not tag your kids with you do it? Let them enjoy arranging the pots and plant boxes, deciding which furniture to display, and watering the plants. Aside from killing the time with a worthwhile and productive experience, you also expose your children to the wonders and importance of nature.

These are just some of the known family activities you can do at the comfort and luxury of your own home garden. Making use of this part of your house may be for your gardening or for your other activities, as long as you utilize your precious time to be with your family.

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Nancy Chan January 25, 2016 at 9:39 PM  

Great tips. If only I have read this before I started my family.

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