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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Security Doors

>> Jan 22, 2016

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of our family we never want to take any risk, therefore, we make every possible effort to keep them secure from any danger or harm. These days when the crime rate is increasing at such alarming pace it becomes all the more important to ensure that all the necessary measures are taken to protect our loved ones from every possible harm. Such cautious measure includes maintaining the strict security of your home and for fulfilling this purpose nothing can be better than installing Security Doors. These doors are basically screen doors which are used on the external doors in our home.
Types of Security Doors:

There are wide range of options for Security Doors in terms of its style to choose from. Some of them are mentioned here with brief details:

  • Standard Diamond Grille Security Door: Aluminium framed door with a diamond shaped aluminium grille.
  •  Small Diamond Grille Security Door: Similar to standard diamond grille door but has very minute holes.
  •  Decorative Grille Security Door: Similar to the standard and small diamond grille door but grille pattern is different and more decorative.
  • Colonial style Security Door: Heavy door with aluminium outer frame but cast iron grille.
  • Stainless Steel Security Wire Door: Effective door with three point lock and sturdy stainless steel mesh.

What Security Doors Features Should You Seek?

Having a high end Security Door is not enough. There are many other features which are generally required for the effectiveness of such door. Some of the features are given below:

  • Mitered Corners: This is one very important feature as the doors with the mitered corner have solid steel bottom and top instead of being hollow. Therefore, it can protect the door from rust caused by the penetration of water in the frame.
  • Closers: It is very essential that the Security Door you select uses pneumatic closer to pull it for shutting it.
  • Wind Chains: It is quite helpful if the door has the wind chains as it helps to prevent the wind from blowing the door open.
  •  Sill Extensions: It is again beneficial to have bug-tight seal at the bottom of your door to keep your house free from unwanted insects and pests.
  • Matching Keys: It will be convenient for you if you can have a common key for your Security Door as well as the entry door.

Types of Wire use in security doors

Security doors usually use wire or mesh to prevent flies and other insects. There are many types of wire each having specific use. The most popular is fiberglass with little give and plastic coating. Aluminium wire is used commonly.  Another option is thicker grade of aluminium wire or tough mesh. Then you can also go for one way vision mesh for extra privacy or copper wire mesh that must be used where bush fires are a problem.

Buying security doors

Installing a security door is a rational decision on the part of a person who wants to ensure the safety and well-being of his loved once, particularly in the present times. If you have little kids or elderly who sometimes have to stay alone in house then you must get a security door installed in your house.

The first step must be to know about its features and benefits and be clear if that is what you need. Next you can do research to find out the options available. Weigh the pros and cons of each type of security door and determine which type would suit your needs and budget. Accordingly, you can take quotes from a few dealers and decide accordingly and then get security doors for your home and enjoy peace of mind.

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