Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Create Your Own Special Deck and Enjoy Like Never Before

>> Jan 25, 2016

Decking is an easy and cheap option for creating a space of your own. Here you need not worry about the hard landscaping and cement unlike a patio. Further, a deck seems perfect for a balcony and roof terrace. For sloped gardens, decking is an easier option for leveling the base instead of a patio.

If you want to buy timber decking in Melbourne, you have plenty of suppliers in the area, who can supply the required product at discounted price. You can also choose decking timber for sale Melbourne through classified ads.

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Decking contributes to a modern look due to its cleanliness. It has a great appeal. It also works well for a traditional decking concept. All you need to do is play with the various aspects of the deck in a proper way. Let us see some of the aspects you need to look at –

Ensure the space is large for its purpose. For instance, if you wish to dine out at the deck put in chairs and table. Plan the area for plants and sun loungers according to the sunrays. Space can be marked with sprays or strings.

A deck is not only a square or rectangular space. You can create any shape as per your space and requirement. It could be a curve, a circle or any other. For clean lines, triangles and trapezoids work well. Also, think about the other spaces around while you choose the shape of the deck.

Color and lighting
Most of the decking is wood colored or treated in weathered grey, but adding a little more color can enhance your space. White decking is best for contemporary concepts and urban gardens. Its goes well with all the styles especially the Mediterranean look. Lighting is overlooked by many but it is an important factor for joy at night. It should not be harsh to disturb and neither low for ambiance. A perfect lighting enhances the space and elevates the mood.

The Extras
Decking also involves a few more things to be considered for planning 

  • Railing
  • Steps
  • Pot Plants
  • Pergolas
  • Decking boards

In case, your decking is off the ground, handrails are a must keeping in mind the safety. However, these could be designed in such a way that they add up to your aesthetic look as well. You can use them on the main decks as there are many deck railing kits available.

During the night time, handrails with wrapped lights give a stunning look. Similarly, plants can provide the calmness on your deck. Pot the plants in such a way that they work well with the space and surroundings.

Pergolas also add a great look to the decking along with climbers that create greenery. Decking boards are highly versatile and unify the area. They can be used in the corners to create seating and planters.

You can create a beautiful, inviting deck space that fills in the gap between your indoor and outdoor area. Instead of a basic rectangular shape, you can customize a unique shape that fits into your house. Let us see various deck designs that are creative and add up to the beauty of your house.

  • Corner deck
  • Party deck
  • Mixed material deck
  • Tree-hugging deck
  • Petite deck
  • Dining deck
  • Curved deck
  • Master bedroom deck
  • Shed deck
  • Layered deck
  • Garden path deck
  • Destination deck  
  • Breezeway deck

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