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What Are Some Problems Which Causes An HVAC To Stop Functioning Properly

>> Jan 22, 2016

HVAC is a type of sensing device, which automatically controls the indoor temperature in comparison to outdoors. These components work together for creating a comfortable living environment. As it makes you feel comfortable, it also requires time to time maintenance. There is a possibility of some major malfunction if you did not perform a regular maintenance.
In case of any malfunction you need to call an expert technician but there are some issues which you can solve yourself. Nowadays you will find that there are websites which provides HVAC professionals. Through these websites, you can easily contact them and may also find the solution of your problem. Checkout www.cariniair.com/ it is the number one website which provides all such help and information about HVAC to their customers.

Some very common HVAC problems

·         Broken Thermostat
Due to the broken thermostat your cooling and heating systems will not work and in most of the situation people get panic and won't believe it. Therefore, they unnecessary use the system and it will result in wastage of money. The work of the thermostat is just to maintain the level of temperature.
·         Dirty Filter
Problem of dirty filter can easily be resolve by anyone in your house. You need to just remove or clean the old filter. Because of a choked filter, airflow is also poor. It's advisable to change your filter after every month during peak season and always purchase good quality filters as they give twice the performance of ordinary one.
·         Unbalanced dampers
If you feel that some of the rooms are much cooler or warmer than the other then you need to balance the air duct. By balancing it you could properly adjust the airflow in each room.
Also, you can use dampers for controlling the volume of air flow in air ducts. These are identified as small handles used to close, open or limit the volume of air flow.
·         Leaking refrigerant
The refrigerant is only required in cooling units. These units require liquid refrigerant in order to produce cool air which comes to your room. You can clearly notice the leakage of refrigerant wherever the air that comes to your room is not so cool, as a result it leaves the room hot.

Also, the refrigerant cannot disappear from the unit, if you find that it is missing then you can bet that it is leaking. Moreover, with less or no refrigerant your unit's condenser will work overtime and this can lead to some other major problems. So, it's better to not to use it in case of less refrigerant.

·         Tripping of circuit breakers
Generally, your circuit breaker trips for a reason, but you can press the reset button if it happened for the first time, but it happens twice than you must call the technician as there may some serious problem. Electrical shorts, wire loosening, bad compressor, etc. are some reasons which cause the breaker to trip.

So, you definitely know what to do if these HVAC problems happen. If you can’t DIY, then call an expert to deal with the issue.

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