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Great Tips On How To Select The Best Air Ambulance Company

>> Jan 21, 2016

Medical emergencies don’t arise keeping in mind the time and location. There is always a chance of people getting sick or injured while on a vacation. Well, as much as we hate the idea of facing a medical emergency while travelling, it does not mean that it cannot happen. So, the least we can do is stay prepared to face any such situation.
There are many options of travelling back home when you are unwell. However, if your condition is serious, then not all options will work for you. For instance, if you are met with an accident and are seriously injured, then you cannot travel by normal commercial airlines, but need an air ambulance. Here we have listed a few things, which will help you determine which air Ambulance Company is worth hiring.

Experience and Reputation

Air ambulance companies, which have extensive experience and excellent reputation, are the best ones. You can be rest assured that they will deliver high quality and timely services as well as maintain all the safety measures. To determine this, you can go through their safety records. Find out whether the company has faced any serious aircraft accidents, or are there any lawsuits filed against them, because of delivering poor services.

Certifications, licenses and insurance

All the companies, which offer air ambulance Cancun, needs to obtain FFA approval and license. Furthermore, medical team working with the air ambulance company must have necessary qualification and certifications like BLS, ACLS, etc. Lastly, companies providing medical air transportation must have necessary insurance as well. Don’t miss out on asking about these details since they are very important.

Details of crew on board

You must ask about both the crews on board - medical as well as flight. Medical crew on the flight should be well-trained and hold advanced certifications, which general RNs or paramedics don’t have. On the other hand, flight crew must be equally trained as well as experienced enough to drive a medical transport aircraft. Moreover, they must also have experience of flying internationally.

Different types of services offered

Different air ambulance companies provide different services. To name a few - bed to bed service, ground transportation, manage your baggage, contact insurance company for you, etc. Ask the company for different types of services that they provide, and inquire if they can be customized as per your needs.

Type of aircraft and cost

If the air ambulance company you are talking to flies internationally, then there are chances that they will be using a business-jet for transporting your patient. Ask questions like type of jet they use, how many pilots will be on board, is the jet big enough to accommodate family members, luggage and in some cases a pet, etc. 

Most of the time the cost of air ambulance depends on the distance travelled, medical facilities used and type of aircraft. Find out if there are any hidden costs involved and do you need to pay some deposit prior to flying.

Doing a little homework will help you find the most perfect and dependable air Ambulance Company. Keep all the above mentioned points in mind, make sure that you go through their past customer’s testimonials.

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