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Teachergive Sale 2023

Childproofing Your Bathroom the Easy Way

>> Jan 18, 2016

Eventually, your kids will get bigger and start wandering around the house, which is a natural turn of events. But, the problem is that they will be looking in all the wrong places, and they might reach for products which could be dangerous for them. You can do much in order to childproof the bathroom, and all it will take are a few easy steps.

Keep Dangerous Chemicals Safely Locked Away

Be sure to keep cleaning products and other nasty chemicals, out of reach and safely stored in a cabinet that is locked. This way you will minimize anything happening to them, while you are not looking. Furthermore, as they get older and understand more of their surrounding, be sure to teach them why it is bad to play with such products. Simply telling them that it is off limits is not enough.

Always Shut the Door After Yourself

The bathroom door should be shut whenever you leave, so that your kids have no chance of sneaking in. Install childproofing knob features, to make sure that your kid cannot go in, no matter what. Then again, try to avoid placing this protective feature on all the doors, as your kid might have a tough time getting out of the house, if something goes wrong.

The Toilet Can Be Unsafe

If your kid is smaller, there is a possibility that they might fall into the toilet, and hurt themselves without you being around to help them. To make sure that they are not able to open the toilet lid, even if they tried their hardest, learn how to childproof the toilet. On the other hand, sit down and educate your kids about the dangers of falling into the toilet, and what they should, if it happens. Bear in mind that forbidding something will only seem like a good idea to try out.

Cover the Sockets

Kids are adventurous and explorative in nature, and will try to put things everywhere they can, to see what will happen. It will be unwise to leave the sockets uncovered as they will pose a great threat. You can either install a switch to turn the sockets off, or better yet, cover them with childproof additions, to make sure your kid does not shock itself. Moreover, keep any items that could be plugged in, well out of reach, to minimize the thought even occurring in their head.

Reduce the Chances of Getting Scorched

For smaller kids, even a simple hand wash could turn awry, because they do not pay attention to the hot water. To avoid your child getting scorched with burning water, be sure to call in professionals like the Guildford plumbers to help you out. They can install and set gadgets which will regulate the temperature of the water. As your kid is growing up, you can gradually have the plumbers come and adjust the heat of the water in your boiler. Remember to teach your kid about the dangers of scorching with water and what they should do in such a case.
Monitor your kid whenever you go to the bathroom with them, because they might be too curious and could end up hurting themselves. You cannot expect children to know how to behave unless you teach them first. Make sure to make every experience a learning one, so that your kid will understand what is going on and that you are not just forbidding things out of fun. Over time, all the security features you installed, you can remove because you will be able to trust your kids.

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