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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 beautiful lighting ideas for your home

>> Aug 31, 2018

Highlight your hard work in your beautifully designed home by adding stylish lighting.
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Light is one of the most important elements of any room, and it impacts how everything in the room looks and fits together, from the carpet to the art hung on the walls.

This is why early planning of the lighting scheme for your rooms is important, as well as considering all the light sources you require. For example, consider if you will need wall lights installed above a sofa to enable reading in the living room, or a striking chandelier that will illuminate an entire room.

Gain inspiration for your rooms with these 5 beautiful lighting ideas for your home.

1. Combinations of light sources

Studies show that
natural light works wonders for our minds and bodies.
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For advice on how new windows can let in more light, contact Cheltenham double glazing company, FirmFix (https://www.firmfix.co.uk/).

However, sometimes the natural light within our homes is limited, and we must make the most of artificial light.

A sleek lighting design combines different light sources at contrasting levels in the space.

Add light in layers, contrasting the fixtures for a flexible design.

2. Pairing lamps

Table lamps add the ideal level of light when the sun sets and they work particularly well in pairs.

Put matching table lamps on each side of a table or console to provide a sense of symmetry and balance.

3. Sculptural sconces

Sconces, or wall lights, are a perfect addition in a space to jazz up an empty wall, highlight a painting or frame your sofa.

Sconces are perfect for small spaces as they free up table and floor space. Try sculptural or colourful designs to illuminate your room and draw the eye, in either pairs or a single design for a sleek, minimalist look.

4. Centrepieces

A stunning light fixture such as a modern pendant or romantic chandelier can boost a living room design.

Use a centrepiece to form a focal point or brighten a seating area, and by installing a dimmer switch, you can easily set the mood of the room.

5. A General glow

If you have a space that lacks natural light or is particularly large, a fixture placed on the ceiling may simply not be enough.

Consider instead installing multiple overhead light sources, like recessed lighting coupled with pendants.

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