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Assisted Living or Home Care? Choosing the Right Home Equipment for Seniors

>> Aug 31, 2018

Planning is going on to appoint a minister for seniors in Canada which is a good thing as seniors need all the support they can get. This is also a wise move because the numbers of aging people increases.

If you are a senior or a caretaker of a senior who wants the best for the senior, you should know about assisted living and home care, and you should decide of choosing one of them on the basis of the needs of the senior. You should also choose the right home equipment for seniors by visiting a website like Halo Healthcare where you can buy any imaginable seniors’ product at the best prices.
Understanding Assisted Living Homes

You should start by knowing what are assisted living homes and who are they meant for. Assisted living homes are homes that allow a senior with minimal support and guidance while allowing a senior to enjoy his or her independence. They are made for seniors who need only minimal care or attention on a daily basis. At such a home, you can expect help with chores like organizing your medications, but you can’t expect full-time and long-term care by professionals. So, people who need a wheelchair to move around cannot depend on the assisted living homes.

Understanding In-Home Care

As you might have guessed, in-home care is usually the opposite of assisted living. Many agencies provide in-home care in which a professional caretaker is assigned to a senior to help the senior live a normal life. The professionals are trained to deliver any kind of service, be it companionship or supervisory care. In-home care is best suitable for seniors who don’t want to leave their homes but cannot depend on a friend or family member to take care of all their needs.

Choosing the Right Home Equipment for Seniors

It is hoped that by now you have a clear idea of whether you or a loved one needs assisted living homes or in-home care. No matter which of the options you have chosen, you should know that there are a few home equipment pieces that are needed by most seniors whether they are living at assisted living homes or they have opted for in-home care.

Read About the Equipment Options

The process of choosing the right home equipment begins with reading about all the equipment pieces and their categories and making a list of equipment you or an elderly loved one would need. Once you do that, the process of selecting would be easier and more convenient.

Know About the Broad Categories

Some of the categories that you would come across while seeking the best equipment for seniors are mobility & accessibility, orthopedic, incontinence, therapy & fitness, daily living aids, wound & skin, and stockings & foot care.

Identify Essential Equipment

A few pieces of equipment that can prove to be handy for most seniors are canes, wheelchairs, walkers, grab bars, raised toilet seat, disposable gloves, incontinence briefs, supports & braces, leg warmers, bandages, back support cushions, etc.
Choose from Rent or Buy

Many people face the rent or buy decision when it comes to choosing the right home equipment for seniors. We suggest that you rent expensive products like a wheelchair if you don’t need it for the long term and buy small and less expensive products like canes, walkers, bandages, etc.

Seek References

If you are after a discount or you want to ensure that you buy only top-quality equipment, then you should ask your doctor or a medical professional to recommend a few products or brands. It will ensure that you buy products that last long and offer value for money.

Read Reviews

Once you have made a list of equipment you need to make the life of a senior easy, you should check the reviews of different products to know about their durability, average lifespan, quality, and worth. Reading reviews of seniors or caregivers of seniors who have bought the products would let you know an unbiased opinion about the products you intend to buy.

Compare Products

The next step is to compare different products in each category and buy ones that meet the needs. For instance, while comparing wheelchairs, you should look for wheelchairs that can be moved by the person sitting in it without anyone else’s assistance. This will make the senior (who is using the wheelchair) feel more independent and in control.

Seek a Giant Store

It is also recommended that you buy all the equipment you need from a giant online or offline store that specializes in offering the products for the elderly. It will not only help you save time, but you may also get attractive discounts if you buy multiple products at once.

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