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Tips for Travelling with a Small Group

>> Aug 22, 2018

Travelling with a group can be a very daunting experience. Decision making can be slow due to several people involved. Group tours can come in various forms such as adventures, luxury travels, student’s trips and other types. They require special preparations in many ways and whatever preparation you make for a student’s trip will not be the same ones you make when going for an adventurous hike.
With a group travel, you have a lot of things to keep in mind so that you will have a wonderful and peaceful travel. Group travel can be affected by people’s moods and it is therefore wise to consider having people skills.

You can always opt for a planned tour with Charter North Tours whereby you can have incredible small group tours of the marvelous Kimberly, Kakadu, Arnhem Land or Karijini all at reasonable packages. Here are several tips that will aid you in your group travel and make it a less grueling experience.

1.   Plan as A Group

One of the things that will make travel successful is communication. If you don’t talk everything out, you will have a tough time executing simple tasks leave alone the difficult ones. Draw a schedule of the whole journey prior to the day of travelling and look for any loopholes in the journeys.

If you travelling with your family, senior members of the family should organize the whole of the travelling experience and make critical decisions prior to the trip.

2.   Chose A Leader

Although a group is all about inclusivity, have that one person who implements the decisions that you have made as a group. You should choose a person who can oversee the whole trip and make sure that everything is going as planned. Several people may carry out several tasks such as handling accommodation or doing research on the venues and expectations but in the end, you will need someone who puts it all together into one big master plan.

It is very frustrating having to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do in what situation so it is just good if you just delegate all those tasks to one able leader.

3.   Make A Viable Budget

You will definitely need to fund your trip at some point. I know some trips can be funded but what if they are not. You therefore need to make financial decisions during your trip. Coming up with a viable budget is necessary for any trip to be viable. List out all the activities that you and your group want to take part in and find out the costs of involving in them.

This may not apply for travel agency tours as they have it all figured out in an all-inclusive cost. Check whether the proposed budget is friendly to your wallet and if not, you can always reconsider the tour or ask for adjustments to fit your budget.

4.   Get Accommodation Alternatives to Hotels

When travelling in a group, accommodation will be one of the toughest issues you will have to deal with. My advice is for you and your group to look for alternative accommodation other than spending the night in a hotel. Hotels can be expensive and the space can be too small for a group of people who are out to have fun and make connections.

You can opt to stay in a house or an apartment where you will have access to a lot of space to play around and make memories.

5.   Make Prior Plans to do Some Activities

If possible, you can visit several of your destinations to get a hang of the expectations and have a light idea of what you are going to do there. This can help you make more accurate budgets. You should also make some prior arrangements such as securing accommodation. Booking early can ensure that you get group discounts and will also ensure that there is available space for everyone in your group.

You don’t want to grapple on the tour date because of inadequate accommodation.

6.   Make Your Personal Rendezvous

It’s a group travel I know but it doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck with the gang all the time. This is a vacation and it is all about having fun and discovering new things. Let us say that there is this place you have always wanted to go and the group is not planning to visit. You can split from your group and visit anywhere you have been planning to go.

7.   Make A Way for Splitting Expenses

On the course of your trip, your group may have incurred several costs which need to be split between the members. Calculating on who owes who can be a daunting task and remembering who paid for what is even harder. You should use the services of an app like Tricount and Split wise to help you make these calculations. Such apps enable you to calculate all the costs you have incurred throughout the trip and who owes who how much.

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