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Top 10 Work at Home Jobs for Moms

>> Aug 20, 2018

Photo credit: boston.citymomsblog.com

There’s no shortage of work at home opportunities. The list of stay at home mom employment is likely to grow if you’re striving to balance your professional life at the same time. When you choose to work from home, you’re doing your best to meet both personal and career obligations. So here are the top 10 work at home jobs for moms.

Jobs that provide you with such flexibility are in favor of widening your horizons. So if you’re a mother searching for flexible and rewarding career options, you can rely on virtual jobs.

When work is flexible, you tend to enjoy a healthier balance between personal and professional life. With that in mind, it’s time to get to the list.

10 Work at Home Jobs for Moms

#1 Home Daycare
Photo credit: spotdaycare.com
Imagine staying at home and getting paid for looking after kids. It’s not a new idea I know. But it’s definitely a brilliant one!

Starting up your own in-home childcare does sound like an excellent thing to do. And here’s why. Professional childcare is not an affordable option for many parents. So what they seek instead is a budget-friendly and trustworthy alternative. And you can be just that for them.

But first, you’re going to have to look up the laws in your state regarding home daycare. Once you’ve figured that out, it’s time to let them know. Them being all your mommy friends of course! You can even post about your new business on local websites. It’s a great way to find more potential customers.

#2 Tutor/Teacher

How about making the most of your unique skills and talents? For example, are you good at stitching or mathematics? If yes, then there’s no harm in exploiting your knowledge. Use your experience and turn that into a flourishing tutoring business.

Here too flexibility plays a major role. Again, I’ll explain with an example. In the case of mathematics, you can choose to teach either in person or online. As for a job like stitching, if you’re highly experienced, then all you need is the best serger for beginners or the best sewing machine for leather anddenim. Since the two fabrics are tougher to work with!

So if you’re an expert at something, anything, it’s time to turn that into a successful career. Put all that knowledge to work to make some money out of it.

#3 Transcriptionist
Photo credit: workfromhomebuzz.com
There’s no denying that working moms are efficient employees. You’re one so you know what I’m talking about. Being typically fast and knowing how to make the most of your time is your forte. In that sense, you’re simply perfect for transcription. Translating information to print from video or audio demands such fast and efficient type ofskills!

#4 Proofreader

If you’re not quick, then are you detail-oriented? If so, you can become a freelance proofreader. Ensuring consistency, confirming facts, and checking grammar are the primary responsibilities. For the task of remote proofreading!

#5 Content Writer
Photo credit: pankaj-sharma.in
Good at writing? Then how about making money as a content writer for various websites and blogs? Writing opportunities are endless. All you need is an interest in that kind of research and work. You can even opt for academic writing for college and high school students.

#6 Social Media Planner/Specialist

Being tech-savvy has its own money-making advantages. If you think you can manage campaigns for online and offline businesses on social media, you’re hired! There are many such companies and brands looking to hire freelance managers. It’s one of the best stay at home jobs for a work from home parent.

#7 Health Coach

So here’s a job that seems like the most relevant thing to do after having a child. Losing weight and getting back into shape post-pregnancy is quite common. So why not use these skills to help another person achieve his/her fitness goals? In turn, it might encourage you to meets yours too. Plus, you’ll make money along the way.

#8 Customer Consultant
Photo credit: workingmother.com
Answering calls and providing the necessary assistance does sound like an easy job. And to be honest, it truly is. Such job postings are often related to the traveling industry. Like helping people book tickets! And if not that, then assisting them in buying products.

And here’s what you require. Excellent speaking skills, fast internet, and a microphone!

#9 Pet-Sitter
Photo credit: paws-pet-sitting.com
Babysitting a puppy or dog for a living! If you’re a dog-lover, this might sound like a dream come true. And worry not; petsitting is way easier than babysitting. Spending time with dogs is therapeutic, which means you’ll make more than just money out of it.
#10 Virtual Assistant
If you think you’re organized and can multitask, here’s a great job opportunity for you. Companies love to hire virtual assistants in order to save their employment costs. Typical duties like entering data, managing calendars, and replying to emails. Now, does that sound like something you would be interested in doing?

The End

So these are the top 10 work at home jobs for moms. Did you find anything to your liking?
If you have any more such work-from-home ideas to offer, please do drop them in the comments section below. Along with your feedback of course!

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