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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips to Decorate Your Home During Monsoon

>> Aug 21, 2018

When it is the monsoon season, obviously the discussion will be mostly on bright colours and lots of interesting things. Now, as this post will be all about home decor and home interiors, let us mainly concentrate on it. It is said that colours especially the bright ones are responsible to lift up the mood. Of course, there are several ways to offer a new and lively look to your apartment during this season. Usually, monsoon seems to be a boring season due to the depressing weather. However, to make the season exciting, people try out many things like enjoying over a cup of tea/coffee, playing board games by calling friends at home, sometimes crazily moving out and playing in the water-logged streets and so on. Among these, changing the interior for the season needs a special mention.

All you need is some interesting tips to brighten up the interior of your home. This won’t just uplift your mood but help you try out other motivating activities in your home. Pick up colours like yellow, blue, green, bright orange, pink and play with them accordingly. When the climate conditions outside tend to make you lethargic then why not try introducing some peppy interiors for your home!

Home Decors to Enliven Your Spirit

Add Pretty and Colourful Flowers

This time of the year needs some spice, so bring out the empty wine bottles and vases. Fill all of them with the bright colours of monsoon. Remember to keep lilies, tulips and peonies at your desk for the decoration. Do not forget to pluck pretty hibiscus and jasmines and let the same float in a water bowl.  How about reusing your old boots and making some wonderful flower vases? You can easily design the entryway with this amazing DIY vase by adding lovely daisies or sunflowers.

Add Fun Decor Accent With Umbrella

It’s time for you to bring out your umbrella as it would be your best friend throughout the season. Buy some colourful umbrellas to add to your style statement. This isn’t enough because you have to add to your apartment’s style statement as well. Leave a basket or a sleek vase right at the front door, so that whenever anyone enters, can place their umbrellas in the allotted place. This would help in leaving a water trail inside your apartment and most importantly a few colourful umbrellas would add to a fun decor accent.

Add Peppy Colours

With grey and gloomy skies outside, it’s obvious that your apartment will start reflecting the dull outdoors. Add pop coloured cushions to enliven the spirit of your home. Bring in bright shades of citrus, pinks, tangerine, turquoise and swap with the dark hues, blues and greys. The easiest way to keep your home decor preppy and fresh just change the cushion covers.

Perfumed Candles

Bring scented candles and couple up with accent pieces to give a different look to your rooms. Take a stylish tray and place the same accordingly, thereby, adding warmth to your home. This will not only beautify your home but add to the mouldy and musty smells of the rain.

This time when you buy an apartment, make sure to keep all these points in mind. If you plan to stay in Kolkata and buy a home like a residential flat on Badu Road Madhyamgram, ensure to follow these tips without fail. Needless to say that, these tricks will be of great help to you. 

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