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All That You Must Know About Whey Protein

>> Aug 13, 2018

You must have heard about many different kinds of protein but have you ever heard about whey protein? Whey protein is considered to be a better protein than many other sources. It contains amino acids that can be absorbed very quickly. You can gain muscles, increase your strength and also lose considerable amount of body fat. Whey is not just protein but it is much more than a protein. There are number of other nutrients which can make very potent biological effect.

What is whey protein?

Let us try to get a small introduction ghost whey protein. Whey protein is the liquid part of the milk which gets separated from milk after making cheese. If you analyse the milk then it has two types of protein. These are 80 per cent of casein and whey is 20 per cent. When cheese is produced the whey is obtained as by-product. Have you ever opened the yoghurt container and found little liquid floating on its top? That liquid is also whey.
Earlier the makers of cheese used to throw away this water thinking it as waste product until they learned its commercial value as whey. After the whey liquid gets separated from milk after cheese is made, they are further processed and certain powder is also added. Since it does not taste very well hence flavour of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry powder is added.

If you take whey protein then you are adding about 25 to 50 grams of protein in your diet in addition to what you are taking. People who are bodybuilders or gym goer as well as those who want to lose their weight or the people who lack sufficient amount of protein can consume this whey protein. You can also consider about flavoured whey to get little taste.

Generally, people can easily tolerate whey however those who have intolerance with lactose has to be little careful and few other people, who are also little allergic to it.  

Types of whey protein

There are several types of whey protein. Their differences are due to the way they are processed. Some of them are as follows:
·         Concentrate
It contains about 70 to 80 per cent protein. It contains milk sugar or lactose, fats and few of the chosen flavour.
·         Isolate
It contains 90 per cent protein and it has less amount of lactose and fat. However, it lacks many other useful nutrients that are generally found in whey protein concentrate.
·         Hydrolysate
This is also called hydrolysed whey it gets absorbed faster as it has been pre-digested. It can cause 28 to 43 per cent more spike of insulin level as compared to isolate.

The best option for whey protein is the concentrate types. This form is also cheapest form and it contains most of the beneficial nutrients, which is naturally found in whey. Due to presence of lactose and fat, its taste is liked by many people. 

In case you cannot tolerate concentrate version then the later two types of whey protein may be better option for you.

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