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Are Sugar-free Drinks and Chewing Gum Safe for Your Teeth?

>> Aug 24, 2018

So, do you think sugar-free drinks protect your teeth? You also believe sugar-free chewing gum to cause no harm to your dental health? Since both these items are marketed as beneficial to teeth and gums, you too easily buy into the claim without giving any consideration. What if experts say you’re wrong?

Well, first thing first- not all sugar-free products are safe for your teeth. Recent researches have started to punch hole to marketing ploy to peddle certain drinks and foods in the garb be being sugar-free. So, you don’t need to jump the gum on any product that is sugar free.

Even xylitol is not safe  

You’re consistently reminded how your sugar-free products are laced with xylitol -- the sugar alcohol – which can help fight against tooth decay. You’re told that this ingredient is approved by top medical and dental agencies.

Most people believe that xylitol is tooth-friendly, so they instantly grab any sugar-free item with this ingredient on the label. Studies have revealed in recent times how foods containing xylitol are not safe for your teeth and body.  

In fact, these items can cause serious dental problems. So, it’s better to stay informed and make good choices when it comes to sugar-free items.

Downside of sugar-free items

It’s true that sugar-free items don’t contain sugar, so their consumption is less likely to cause the formation of caries. They are thus effective against the risk of tooth decay. Their utility however ends here itself, because they have the ingredients that can cause other dental problems.

Here are some of the downsides of sugar-free items -

  • Sugar-free foods and drinks may not cause caries, but they can lead to dental erosion due to their ingredients
  • They are loaded with acidic flavouring that can lead to dental erosion over time
  • The preservatives found in sugar-free products can weaken the tooth enamel
  • Any food or beverage that is acidic can harm the tooth enamel and cause tooth erosion
  • Even sugar-free sodas and sports drinks are bad for your teeth and they should be avoided

Sugar content vs acidic levels 

Clearly, you have to check two things while buying any food items or drinks – sugar content and acidic levels. Both these are bad for your dental health and a bit care with them can help you maintain the strength of your teeth.

Follow these tips with foods and drinks -

  •  If possible, stop consuming erosive products to save your teeth from needless damage
  • Stop trusting sugar-free items much and try to reduce their intake drastically for better dental health
  • Rather than obsessing over sugar-free items, give more focus on acidic levels of the foods to protect your teeth
  • Stick to low-sugar intake and increase your oral care to minimize the harm
  • Visit the dentist regularly for oral checks and cleanings to stay on top of your dental health

In overall, being informed is the best way forward in maintaining dental health. And yes, ask your dentist about root canal treatment cost to be on the safe side in case you face tooth decay issue.

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