Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

A look at the new trends in the gifting industry

>> Aug 20, 2018

The gifting industry today has changed a lot as compared to the olden days. Earlier a gift shop gave us a picture of a shop filled with a bunch of bouquets, some greeting cards collection, showpiece collections and a few paintings/ frames etc. But today the idea of gifting is completely changed and is not just limited to old gift articles. Today people believe in gifting their loved ones with something very special and durable. These days it's a trend to please people with unique gifts and maintain their standard. This is the reason why the major changes in the gift industry had occurred.
Let us have a look on some of the major changes in standard gift items

Bouquets: Earlier from the term bouquet it only meant a bunch of flowers put tougher in a creative way. But today there are bouquets made up of anything and everything possible! The latest trend is to make edible bouquets; instead of flowers edible items such as chocolates, marshmallows, doughnuts, exotic dry fruits etc. are used. Chocolate bouquets and donut bouquet are some of the most gifted items these days. These edible bouquets can be customised as per the choice and preferences of flavours and chocolate brands of the gift receiver.

Cakes: Unlike the cakes, in the early days the cakes are not limited to just a handful of flavours. There is a vast variety of flavours and customisation done in cakes. With the use of modern technology, photo cakes are made wherein you can have for a photo on your cake and cut it later. There are also personalised cakes with end number of choices of exotic fruits/dry fruits, cream, flavours and themes etc. Apart from the above, there are alcoholic cakes available in the market which has a certain amount of the desired alcohol in it. Alcohol cakes are very famous for youngsters and corporate events today.

Personalized and handicrafts items: People prefer and cherish personalised and customised items today as compared to other general gift items. Personalized gifts have much impact on people and are more durable as compared to other gift items. Through personalised gifts, people relate themselves to the gift and hold it longer. Personalized gifts include gifts items which hold the receiver’s photos, names, special dates etc. on it. Such gift articles may include a personalised mug, pillow cover, pen, keychain, mobile cover etc.

On the other hand, the demand for handmade gift articles is also rising as it has a traditional touch and is very creative. Handicrafts items include handmade articles such as crochets, pots, terrariums, paintings etc. Handmade paintings are especially in demand; people prefer handmade paintings over digital paintings as they are very classy. Gifting handmade painting is also considered a symbol of richness in many countries.

Thus, the gifting options today are not limited, and customers have a variety of things to gift their loved ones today, unlike in the olden days. The gifting trends have changed rapidly, and the demand for highly creative and unique gifts is increasing.

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