Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Repair your roof before it needs restoration - Tips for proper roof maintenance that prolongs roof life

>> Aug 27, 2018

Spring is the ideal time for roof inspection as the wintry season has just gone by leaving its marks on the roof. The roof contractors have a busy time in spring as people are ready to spend money to protect the roof because poor maintenance can lead to roof replacement which is quite costly.  Rather, an easier and affordable way to restore your roof is to identify damages early by inspecting the roof regularly.  Early damage detection ensures timely repair at less cost that increases the longevity of the roof.  While spring is the best time for roof cleaning and inspection, summer is the best time for carrying out any kind of roof repair that may be required.

Proper maintenance can reduce the cost of repair as it can prevent damages that occur due to the inability of homeowners to foresee it. Ongoing through this article you will come to know how to carry out good roof maintenance.
Check for signs of early damage

The later you notice any damage to the roof, costlier would be the repairs, and in some cases, it might be even beyond repair. It is very surprising that despite knowing this, many homeowners become aware of roof problems when the signs show up inside at some places like the ceiling or the wall adjacent to the roof. Cracks within guttering and broken shingles can flood your home but arranging for a roof inspection after cleaning it thoroughly can bring such damages to your notice early. Since you might not be aware of roof vulnerabilities and some damages may escape your attention, take help from roofing experts to inspect the roof.  Their experience with all kinds of roofing materials and technical knowledge enables them to identify defects and judge its impact that helps to take the most appropriate repairing decision.

Keep gutters and drains clean

 As the summer season begins and the weather starts warming with fewer or no chances of rain, use the opportunity of clear weather to clean all gutters and drains connected to the roof. It is common that leaves, twigs, dust and dirt and some other debris collect in the gutters and block drains thereby raising the chances of water accumulation on the roof. Water collected on the roof can be very damaging for the roof material that you must avoid at all cost. When cleaning gutters, check for accumulation of black particles in gutters which if amounts too much would point to damaged shingles that need replacement.

Check the home ventilation

 Moist and humid environment affects the performance of roofing systems and to protect the roof structure you have to ensure proper ventilation of your home. Analysing monthly energy bills would provide the trend of how much load the HVAC system has to handle. If there is a consistent increase in energy bills, it means that there are problems with your home insulation that could put more stress on the roof.

Proper roof care ensures good health of the construction because all problems begin with a failing roof.

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