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Embrace Slow Aging Using Cellular Health Supplements!

>> Mar 24, 2017

Every second within our body thousands of cell regenerate and many die too. Most of us are blissfully unaware of this fact and carry on with our lives constantly loading our body with food that appeals to us, gives us instant energy and pushes us forward to live the reckless lifestyle. All this plus no exercise, Voila! That’s a doomsday formula for your body. If you go on this way, by your early thirties you’ll begin to notice changes in your body, your appearance and energy levels. At least now you should be seriously thinking about pulling the plug on your ruthless lifestyle.

Easily said, but it’s not so easy to put in the conscious effort when you are struggling to keep up with your work and family. Researchers have found that aging of the cells is directly related to the lifestyle we adopt, especially our eating habits. No need to panic, websites like http://www.smartpillguide.org  can help you choose from plenty of options available for anti aging. But before we go for the solution, we would like to share a bit about what might have put you in this position. The prime suspects – Glucose and Stress.

Glucose can bring serious damage to our cells; therefore limiting food that contains high amount of glucose can help reduce the damage to our cells. This may indeed slow down the aging process. Stress is also known to produce unwanted chemicals within the body which can further lead to destruction of healthy cells. Scientists have been successful to a certain extent in building chemical formulations that slow down the aging and help fight age related issues like susceptibility to infections, loss of memory and so on. Therefore anti-aging supplements like Juvenon tablets could be your ticket to combat aging.

As per Juvenon reviews from trusted websites, it is effective and we highly recommend this for all those people out there struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the age related issues. Such cellular health supplements have proven to improve memory, appearance of skin, help with fatigue and vulnerability to infections.  We believe that along with practising healthy living habits, Juvenon cellular health supplement might just be the additional help to make you feel better in the long run. Its special formula built up by dedicated group of scientists ensure your health safety. So make wise decisions in life today and enjoy healthy life with healthy habits and may be a little help from supplements like Juvenon.

Juvenon Side Effects and Results

Being developed using clinically proven ingredients Juvenon consumers have not recorded any kind of adverse reaction. However if you are using any kind of prescription drugs for a health condition that prevails, we recommend that you check with a medical practitioner before starting with Juvenon. 


Make Your Living Room Shine with These 6 Makeover Ideas

A living room is more than just a place where you come to watch TV after a long day at work. It is the focal point of your house, a place where you and your family come to spend some quality time together, as well as a place where you meet and greet your guests. Because of this, if there is one area of the house that you should really put the effort in it should be your living room. Here are six ideas that could help you make it into something really special.

1.   Painting the Accent Wall

The most obvious first step in any room’s makeover would be its painting. However, this can be a) a lot of work and b) an expensive project (provided you go with commercial painters). Luckily, there is a simple alternative to this particular problem and it’s called painting accent wall. Here, all you need to do is paint a single wall in the room and this will visually trick its visitors to see the entire room in that color.

2.   Emphasis on Natural Light

Next issue you need to address is the question of light in the room. Even though there are some amazing artificial solutions out there, you might want to turn to a natural light as well. First of all, it is vital to the mental health of the inhabitants and second, it helps bring out the best in your home. A large windows or even a glass slide door to the backyard would be great, but if you don’t have these available, you could always resort to enhancing it with some mirrors. You could also align the furniture so that it doesn’t obstruct the flow of the light through the room.

3.   Extended Room

Another thing to keep in mind is that your living room is often not an isolated space. In a case of an open floor plan, the adjacent rooms will feel like they belong to it as well. This is why you need to include them into the room’s design as well (at least their parts that are visible from the living room). Same goes for the backyard. If you are not that enthusiastic over this idea, you might want to cut it off with blinders or even a curtain.

4.   Resort to Optical Illusion

Seeing how you probably bought rather than constructed the house, you may not be precisely happy with the height of the room. While upgrading it physically would require a costly and lengthy construction project, making them appear taller or smaller is not so complicated. All you need to do is use a low hanging chandelier to make it look smaller or lower furniture to make it appear larger. According to renowned curtains retailers from Perth the length of a curtain can also influence the perception of the room’s size.

5.   Indoors Jungle

A lot of people might try to introduce a bit of nature into their home with fresh flowers, especially in the early spring, but why stop there. Why not make your living room into a proper indoors jungle? This way, you can enjoy being surrounded by nature during the course of an entire year. Nonetheless, this would mean finding the right combination of household plants for every corner of the room, but this will make the entire project even more fun. Some of the recommended options are going with schefflera or something from the philodendron family.

6.   Include a Reading Nook

In the end, it is important that you don’t forget about yourself amidst this decoration to accommodate friends and family. Pick a corner of the room and make it into your own shrine of rest and relaxation; your own fortress of solitude. In order to decorate this reading nook all you need is one comfy armchair and of course a suitable lighting source. The best idea here is probably to go with a subtle floor lamp or even a scented candle.

In Conclusion

As you can see, none of the abovementioned makeover ideas is particularly expensive or difficult to make. Still, they still require a bit of strategic planning and some determination to see this project through. Nevertheless, the end results are always more than worth the effort.

Author bio: Steven Clarke is a business consultant, interested in design and all things DIY. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.


The Importance of Chiropractic Care and Why We Need It

>> Mar 22, 2017

Chiropractic care is more than just providing back pain relief. It is about achieving overall wellness through treatments designed to address the health problems of people of all ages and sizes.

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/active-activity-ball-exercise-19413/

Chiropractic’s core concept is restoring the function of a person’s nervous system so it can perform what it was designed to do in the first place, which is to keep the body active and healthy. To undergo chiropractic treatment means preventing bodily functions from deteriorating.


As long as we keep our nervous system healthy, our body can work more smoothly than ever, and a lot of health issues will cease to be problems. In the past few years, research has shown that chiropractic is so much more than just providing relief for our aches and pains.


Here are other health benefits we can get from chiropractic care.


Decrease in Blood Pressure

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-blood-pressure-kit-220723/

In the US alone, there is about 30% of adults who suffer from hypertension, making it a serious condition and public health issue.


In 2007, a group of patients who have high blood pressure received chiropractic adjustment of the atlas while another group had a sham adjustment. Looking at the two groups, those who received atlas adjustments experienced an immediate decrease in blood pressure, similar to what patients will have upon taking anti-hypertensive agents.


Improved Immune Function

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/defense-protection-threat-1403072/

In 2010, researchers found that the blood serum levels of essential natural antibodies surged when patients experienced chiropractic adjustments. With the needed chiropractic treatment, the immune system might just experience a boost, which makes it easier to defend the body from more serious illness and infection.


Reduction of Inflammation

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-buildings-center-clinic-263399/
In 2011, a study also compared the level of inflammation in patients with a backache to those without any pain. When the group of patients who volunteered to participate received some chiropractic adjustments, the researchers found that back pain patients experienced a dramatic decrease in the levels of the key inflammatory cytokine or TNF-α. 

Without proper chiropractic care, people with inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease will remain to have high levels of TNF-α.


Decrease in Stress Levels

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/rear-view-of-woman-with-arms-raised-at-beach-during-sunset-320007/

In 2011, a team of Japanese researchers provided chiropractic treatment to a group of men. After the treatment, they examined the PET scan images as well as the blood chemistry of the participating patients. They assessed whether chiropractic has a positive effect on the patients’ autonomic nervous systems.


What the study observed is that upon receiving appropriate chiropractic neck adjustment, there was an alteration in brain activity in the area responsible for the processing of pain and stress reactions.


The participating group also had a significant reduction in their cortisol levels, which indicates the level of stress a person might experience. Overall, participants experienced decreased pain sores and better quality of life, in general.

Colic Relief in Babies

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-people-girl-cute-41307/

A research study in 2012 examined 104 infants who suffered from colic. From that group of newborns, about a third underwent chiropractic adjustments with the parents aware of the treatment. Another third of the group received similar adjustments, but their parents were not aware of the chiropractic treatment. The last third were untreated babies with their parents unaware of the absence of procedures.


After the treatments, the proponents of the study found that there was a significant decrease in the crying of their treated infants, unlike the babies who didn’t receive any. They also noted that the knowledge of the parents of the children involved in the study had no effect whatsoever on the improvement.


Asthma Relief

ource: https://pixabay.com/en/asthma-inhaler-medicine-asthmatic-938695/

In 2013, another study reported an increase in lung functions for patients who received the needed chiropractic adjustments. And in a different research, symptoms of asthma in some children also reduced upon receipt of necessary chiropractic care.


Improvement in Balance

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/healthy-clouds-high-line-girl-110470/

t is only natural for us adults to lose strength, flexibility, and balance as we age. We no longer have the kind of spring in our youth, and because of that, we become more vulnerable to severe injuries we’d get from trips and falls.


With chiropractic care, our body gets restored to normal with a spine that’s still healthy and functioning. Aside from that, we will also experience reduced dizziness and, of course, improved balance. A study in 2015 even reported that chiropractic care could be an effective way to prevent elderly patients from falls and other similar accidents.




Our central nervous system is a great information highway that carries essential messages to every part of our body. As we age, and in the wear and tear of our everyday life, we can experience dysfunctions in our spine and spinal segments. With that, we might also experience other health issues related to the misalignment of our body.


That is why it is essential for us to receive appropriate chiropractic adjustments so we may improve the flow of communication between our brain and other parts of our body. With such adjustments, other health benefits like reduced inflammation, stress levels, blood pressure, and symptoms of asthma, improved balance and immune function, as well as colic relief will follow.

Dr. Leo J. Hart received his degree from the Life University College of Chiropractic. Dr. Hart's specialization is in nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He applies what he has learned through the years in his work on chiropractic terms for the Stuart, FL., area. And before he moved to Stuart in 2007, he conducted eight years of full-time practice in Miami. Now, Dr. Hart is enjoying his time with his wife Jody, and their children, Emma, Macy, and Rennie.


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