Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Guide to learning English with Flashcards

>> Mar 10, 2017

Learning English can be fun since you can always find someone to practice with. Many speak the Language and this makes it even more desirable. People have many different reasons for learning how to read and write in English. For someone planning to attend a University in any western country, it is considered an important requirement to know how to speak, read and write in English. English speaking skill is equally important. Learning English can be made fun for children in order to speed up the process. Using the products provided by WordUnited, you can get amazing results in less time.

Flashcards are a rudimentary tool for educating children. They consist of cards made of thick cardboard or cardstock wherein pictures, numbers, symbols, or words are printed on one or both sides. Learning with flashcards is often attributed to the education of toddlers, as they are easy medium of instruction due to their childish appeal.
The English flashcards provided by WordUnited help to improve literacy as well as numeracy acquisition in English. You can use the flashcards to teach new words. It’s important to note that these cards are very useful in memorizing the spellings of the new English words. This is because the child hears the word as well as visualizes the pictures related to the word and thus the word goes to the long-term memory of the child. Similarly, the flashcards, containing the entire scene of the rhyme, helps the child to gradually understand the words and learn them forever. In pictures, children can see everything actually happening, which can drastically increase the pace at which they learn English.

Using flashcards open up the mind of a child to embrace new objects and ideas. Starting from simple alphabet in English and counting numbers, you can find flashcards for animals, human body parts and organs of five senses, shapes, colours, holidays, seasons, tools, transportation, fruits and foods. Thus, parents can use flashcards to reinforce interactive and structured learning in a less tedious and more engaging way. To learn English effectively using flashcards, there are products you need to make sure your provider has in place.

The English Alphabet
Since the English language itself is made up of the Alphabet used, you need to make sure you have flashcards containing the Alphabet. This would typically contain double-sided wipe-clean flashcards, one wipe clean pen or two, which should have detachable erasers. Having this set will speedup the English learning process for your children.

Shapes and Colours
Learning English using flashcards would not be complete if common shapes and colours are not added to the mix. Using the Write and Wipe flashcards provided by WordUnited, you could teach your children the right way to identify and pronounce common shapes.

English Numbers
Just like the English Alphatbet, learning with number flashcards comes in handy and saves you time. With this product provided by WordUnited, you can learn about numbers is less time.

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