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6 Cleaning Tips From Professional Cleaners

>> Mar 22, 2017

Yes, cleaning your home tends to be a boring chore. But it is a necessary one, as (almost) no one likes you live in a dirty and untidy home, that is uninviting, or worse, a potential health hazard. You should know that there are always different methods that you can apply, which make your job a lot easier, or even better, prevent some things from happening in the first place. So how do you make your chore a little bit easier? Here are 10 cleaning tips that some of the best professionals use to clean homes.

Clear the clutter

You can start your work by clearing the clutter out of the room, which will only get in your way. This way you can basically start from the get-go. You should empty the trash, remove the towels and bedding, and anything else that is left behind. There’s stuff in the bathroom that you should clear out of the way too, such as towels, mats, bottles, and everything that is lying on the counters or the toilet cover. This helps you with not having to wipe around these things, or pick them up and then put them back on top of a wet surface, where it will leave a mark.

Give your vacuum cleaner a tune-up

No matter what kind of vacuum you are using – canister, bagless, upright or bagged – you need to make sure that it is as well maintained as possible, so that the suction and efficiency are maxed out. It is a good idea to change the disposable bags on a monthly basis, and clean the bottom and the inside of the vacuum. Do the same for the rotating brush, that is, the part that picks up hair. Finally, you should service your vacuum by a professional annually. Drop it at your local repair store while you’re away on vacation, and pick it up once you’re back.

Steam your microwave

If you commonly use your microwave, you will inevitably have the problem of food stains on the ceiling, floor and walls of your appliance. This tends to get really annoying, but you don’t have to worry, since there is a simple trick that you can use to get rid of them. Fill a cup or a mug with water, and then microwave it for about three minutes, until it gets steamy. What the steam does is that it weakens the residue, so it is much easier for you to wipe it down. All that you need then is some vinegar for the job.

Clean your bathroom with a squeegee

Nobody enjoys cleaning the shower and the tub. But worry not, there is a great solution to this annoying chore as well. It is to get a squeegee, and get everyone in your house to use it right after taking a bath or a shower. You can use it to wipe the walls from top to bottom, all the sides of the tub, and even the floor. It is great for removing soap residue, washing it away with the water, instead of having it leave a coat on the porcelain surface. If you make this into a habit, you will have to clean your tub and shower only on a monthly basis.

Remove any distractions

Yes, distractions are a thing. They happen even to professionals. It takes the president of our Sydney-based commercial cleaning company about four hours to clean the house, even though it should actually take less than two. It’s easy for various things in your home to attract your attention while you are cleaning, so make sure that you remove as many distractions as possible. Turn the computer and the TV off, set the phone to vibrate, and leave detailed chores such as organizing the closet or packing away your winter items for some other time.

Whack the curtains

The particles of dust will only keep around in your room as time goes by, so you need to take care of your curtains. The best and the easiest solution to this is to whack them with a hand towel. This may sound surprising, but the fact is that the towel is just the right size for the appropriate force, but also light enough so that you don’t get tired while doing this. Not even the drape attachment on the vacuum does the job this well. What you need to do is knock the dust out onto the floor and then just use your vacuum to clean it up.

In summation

Cleaning your house tends to be a tedious job. But if you apply some of these professional tips, some things might just get easier for you. Clear the clutter out of your way, remove anything that might distract you, and get down to work.

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