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Addiction Rehab: Some Commonly Abused Drugs You Should Know

>> Mar 20, 2017

Addiction rehab is an important solution to the growing problem of addiction and substance abuse in Canada. In the face of a seemingly worldwide pandemic, Canada is one of the countries that is aggressively initializing and continuously doing something to stop drug and alcohol addiction once and for all. There are numerous drugs and substances out in the streets, changing and destroying lives. An addiction rehab is basically the first step in making a 360-degree turn to a normal and drug-free, healthy life.

Addiction Rehab and Highly Addictive Drugs

There are various stages of rehabilitation and awareness is a powerful tool to go through this particular process. Getting hooked on drugs and alcohol dramatically changes your life for good unless you do something about it. It is imperative to know the real face of evil especially when it is staring you in the face. The first step is to know the different drugs in Canada, especially those that are commonly used and abused. Aside from alcohol, drugs and illegal narcotics are quite rampant in the country.
Here are some of the drugs in Canada that are in the top list of the most illegal yet highly addictive narcotics:


Also known as coke or crack, cocaine is basically one of the most popular and commonly abused drugs in the country. In fact, you can find an addiction rehab program that is solely dedicated for cocaine users and recovering addicts. Cocaine addiction is a pressing issue in Canada regardless of the fluctuating statistics and figures about its use and abuse. There is still an increasing number of individuals in Canada that use this illegal drug and the excruciating withdrawal symptoms make it harder for addicts to recover or avoid relapse in the future. Nevertheless, numerous treatment facilities offer effective and comprehensive addiction rehab programs for those who want to put an end to their addiction.


Mary Jane, MJ, cannabis, and weed are just a few of the common street names of this illegal drug. Although medicinal marijuana is prescribed for healing and treatment purposes, there is a pressing debate as to its effects on the body, whether good or bad. Moreover, there are growing concerns among Canadians especially with the pending legalization of the drug in the country. There are short-term and long-lasting effects of marijuana usage and abuse but you can stop that with a comprehensive addiction rehab program.


This synthetic drug is also known as crystal meth or meth and one of the most destructive drugs in the world. Most crimes are attributed to meth addiction as the drug causes psychosis, paranoia, and violent behavior. It could also cause permanent brain damage and even death when not effectively and promptly addressed.

Addiction problem is too huge to ignore or neglect in the present Canadian society. Thus, the Canadian government is doing everything in its power to address the problem with solutions such as addiction rehab programs and facilities. There are also privately funded rehab centers that could help you once and for all.

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