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A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Energy Tariffs

>> Mar 8, 2017

Whether you need energy tariffs for your home or your office, it is important to note the difference between them and what they can do for you. From fixed tariffs to green energy tariffs, each energy tariff has its own unique set of requirements you need to follow, so you are never late on a payment. However, some tariffs are also more cost-efficient than others. Therefore, lucky for you, the list below can help you sort the energy tariffs.
Standard & Fixed Energy Tariffs
When choosing a company to provide you with an energy tariff, you will find they typically have a standard tariff. What does this mean? A standard tariff is a default tariff, meaning the price will vary depending on the market.

The upside to a standard tariff deal is its flexibility. There should not be a fee for leaving it. At the same time, the non-guaranteed price is not always the most inexpensive option.

Fixed energy tariffs are the complete opposite of standard tariffs. A fixed energy tariff provides a fixed price. You do not have any flexibility, but at least you know the exact price you will have to pay.

Therefore, a fixed tariff is great for your stress levels. Just keep in mind that if you use more energy, your price is going to increase.

Dual Fuel & Green Energy Tariffs
With a dual fuel energy tariff, your gas and electricity will come from the same provider. Dual fuel is certainly a cheaper choice than most tariffs.

With one supplier, you are often guaranteed a lower cost and less hassle. However, you should not let a huge discount fool you. Sometimes the discount is the same price as having two separate providers.

Green Energy tariffs refer to a provider who offers one of two services. These tariffs typically offer contributions toward environmental causes on your behalf or match your energy usage with generation from renewable energy sources. This is a great choice if you are looking to make a better impact on the environment, but you should know that companies providing this tariff often charge higher than average prices.

Online & Pre-Payment energy Tariffs
Online tariff services are as accessible as they appear. They require you to keep track of your account entirely online and on your own. The incentive behind this is typically a discount toward your gas and electricity. Being self-sufficient can pay off in the long run, but your important bills and documents are typically sent through email rather than post.

On the other hand, pre-payment energy tariffs provide a way to completely pay the bill up front. This is not a recommended method, because costs are usually much more expensive. However, if you are confident you have got the cash; you can easily manage your energy bill and get it out of the way.

These are the most common energy tariffs. However, when it comes to choosing the correct method, you need a good and reliable company to help you. Selectra UK is a great example of a company to consider if you are switching houses or providers. They are all about saving money and less hassle.

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