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How can we mix baroque and modern style?

>> Mar 19, 2017

One of the most popular trends in recent times, in interior-design is the search for balance in the expert mix of elements of classical / baroque furnishings with modern elements, to give to the rooms of your home a unique and distinctive style: the combination of elements from the traditional taste with furniture and design objects, in fact, will give your home a unique and special atmosphere. The contrasts that emerge from these combinations become the expression of taste and personality of those who live in the house every day: the environment, in this way, acquires character and a new balance of shapes.

These are some useful tips for you when you match the baroque with the modern, maybe approaching grandmother's furniture with more contemporary objects and furniture.

A chandelier in the Baroque style in an ultra-modern kitchen, will certainly have a great aesthetic effect and it be able to give style and character to this environment.
An antique mirror, with a baroque frame, if combined with a modern console, maybe in the hall, immediately give a touch of elegance to your home.

Even the combination of classic ornaments with modern furniture, such as antique frames, vases or candlesticks, combined with square lines of modern furniture, will give personality to your rooms.

The dining room is very important: baroque furniture (now there is a modern baroque, which is much more "light" of the classical baroque) will make your living room a distinctive and elegant environment. A table in baroque style, with contemporary chairs (or vice versa) will customize your home. Sevensedie is a company that produces furniture for over half a century, and in its catalogue, there is a wide collection of tables and chairs for all tastes and needs. For example, Leone (first on the left) refined round table in Venetian style, is embellished from the carving made by hand, in the legs and in the base. It has a light walnut polish with silver leaf details. The second one, you can see in the image, is Liberty, an elegant Louis Philippe style oval table; it can be easily combined with many types of chairs, classic or modern. It has beech wood structure.

Without the need for architects or designers, unleash your fantasy: creating new combinations with objects and furniture you already have, be able to give your home a touch of uniqueness and intimacy.

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