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5 Food Recipes to Try when Camping

>> Mar 15, 2017

A big part of camping is the food you eat; oftentimes people settle on canned food because they think that cooking while camping is too much of a hassle. They think that cooking is a luxury and it’ll be a waste of space by bringing ingredients to their camping trip. But what they don’t know is that cooking food while camping helps heightens the enjoyment they experience. Also, most places actually recommend cooking food while camping because they want the campers to make the most out of their stay. One such place is in the Philippines; luxury camping is actually highly recommended – some even provide the ingredients for their customers.

If ever you want to try cooking while camping; here’s a list of recipes, you may want to try:

1.   Campfire Bacon
Photo Courtesy: zestuous.com
You’ll be needing:
-       Skewers/Barbeque sticks
-       Pack of bacon

What to do:
Start the campfire. While waiting for the campfire to get hotter, prepare the skewer and bacon. Now, to insert the bacon (it’s up to you how many strips you can fit into the skewer) into the skewers, if you want the bacon to be extra crispy, you should weave the bacon while leaving gaps between each weave; make sure to leave a few inches of space at the tip of the skewer to prevent the bacon from falling from the skewer. You can rest the skewers on wood or rocks that are placed on each side of the flame. Rotate the skewer every few minutes, and alas! You have extra crispy and smoky bacon on a stick!

2.   Campfire Pizza
Photo Courtesy: kffsfoodporn.wordpress.com
You’ll be needing:
-       A pan with a metal lid (should fit the pizza dough)
-       Vegetable oil
-       Tube of pre-made pizza crust
-       Small can of tomato sauce
-       Shredded mozzarella cheese 
-       Grated cheddar cheese
-       Salt and pepper to taste
-       Pepperoni Slices

What to do:
Start heating the charcoal and when it’s all nice and hot, prepare the ingredients. Put vegetable oil all over the pan, then place the pizza dough on the pan, while rolling the edges so you can have a thick crust on the edges. Pour the can of tomato sauce on top of the pizza dough and spread. Put pieces of pepperoni on top of the tomato sauce and sprinkle the seasoning for more taste.

Now, place the pan on top of the hot charcoal and put the metal lid in reverse (the handle should be inside the pan), put hot charcoals on the lid to simultaneously cook it from the top. Let it sit there for 10 minutes to bake the dough. After 10 minutes, check if the pizza is cooked and the dough is baked, if it is then time to add the 2 kinds of cheese; don’t be stingy, put as much as you like on top of the pizza! Again, cover the pan and put hot charcoals on top, remember, the more charcoal you put on top, the faster the cheese will be melted. When the cheese is finally melted, you can the pan off the hot charcoal and you can start eating!

3. Camping Quesadillas
Photo Courtesy: daringbakerduluth.blogspot.com
You’ll be needing:
-     Flour tortillas
-     Chicken breasts, grilled and sliced
-     Salsa
-     1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
-     Grated cheese
-     tin foil

What to do:
Spread salsa on the tortilla, put chicken on half the tortilla and sprinkle the beans and cheese on the same side. Be careful of spillage! Remember to only use the appropriate amount. Now, fold the tortilla in half and put it on the tin foil, put the foil on a grill and let it sit until the cheese melts. Voila! You now have a camping quesadilla! Don’t worry about holding the quesadilla because you can hold it using the foil.

4.    S’moreos!
Photo Courtesy: Youtube.com/popsugarfood.com
You’ll be needing:
-       Oreos
-       Marshmallows
-       Chocolate

What to do:
Roast the marshmallows and melt the chocolate over the campfire. Twist and open an Oreo cookie; put the roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate in between the Oreo and you now have a s’moreo! Easy to do dessert with the satisfaction of both the Oreo and s’mores.

5. Camping Sangria
Photo Courtesy: treksw.com
You’ll be needing:
-       Assorted berries (or any fruit you like)
-       Vodka
-       Wine
-       Jar/bottle with a lid

What to do:
Place the berries or fruits in the jar, fill up ¼ of the jar with vodka and use wine for the rest of remaining space of the jar. This is better to keep chilled overnight, so its better to prepare this before your camping trip but if you’re already at the campsite, you can di this then keep it in the cooler surrounded by ice. This is a great drink to celebrate you camping trip but remember to drink responsibly!

Who says you can’t have luxury while camping! Prove them wrong by doing these camping recipes. Enjoy!

About the Author:
             Esther Diaz
A 22-year-old graduate of multimedia design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.

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