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Teachergive Sale 2023

Publishing Date: 16th Mar’2017 Get Yourself an Amazing Personal Carrier – Go Green & Clean With theProGo Scooter

>> Mar 16, 2017

The ProGo 3000: an innovation shaped like a scooter

Are you out for something completely new and yet super-safe? Should you google the words “the ProGo scooter” you will discover that the ProGo 3000 has started its own trend as an innovation that is completely environment-friendly. “No fumes and choking exhausts” – say most internet pages and yet it’s hardly the main concern of a potential buyer of a scooter. Anyway, how well does this piece of machinery manage to ride?

The original idea that the ProGo 3000 is based on is fully compatible with the desires of the average city dweller. Under their catchy slogan – go green, go clean – the Los Angeles city start-up placed a very neat vehicle, which chief purpose is to whisk you to your place of work and back on a daily basis. This scooter is built to free you of complications of any kind: you can fold it and carry with you wherever you go, if we are to believe the Kickstarter campaign video.

Why the ProGo beats the gasoline scooter so easily

Quite often, it’s not the cost of a vehicle itself but the cost of maintaining it that proves to be tricky. And yet there isn’t a scooter in existence these days that could vie with the ProGo 3000 in terms of fuel price. According to Propane Scooters, as long as you have propane filling stations in close vicinity (which is true for MOST urbanized areas of the world), you will be A-OK. Propane is way cheaper than that-harmful-gasoline. And if your scooter is supplied with the special hook for an additional gasoline cylinder, then the problem of getting unexpected extra mileages dissolves on its own.

In reality, the ProGo 3000 easily leaves behind any traditional gasoline-powered vehicle and appears to have no rivals inthe sphere of its own. See for yourself: its lightweight, durable steel frame (16 kg of pure weight) with a load capacity of 125 kg. It looks marvelous with both male and female riders on it – green is the color of tomorrow that is for certain. Even having a huge backpack of things on your back you can ride the ProGo 3000 for 2 hours per propane cylinder at the very least!

The glorious ProGo 3000 is capable of reaching a speed of 32 km/h and covers a minimum of 64 km per filled propane container. With the reliable front and rear disc brakes of this powerful vehicle, both the rider and his/her luggage are nicely secured. Environment-friendly or not, the ProGo 3000 does not fall flat on its face when it comes to a serious and urgent city ride!

All things considered, anyone who would love to have a high-mobility personal carrier must not miss their opportunity to at least try the ProGo 3000. Choose it for yourself or as an outstanding present, use it for day-to-day commuting or for special occasions only – with the ProGo 3000, you stay in line with the mobile vehicle trend of tomorrow!


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