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A Comprehensive List of Bodybuilding Protein Foods

>> Feb 7, 2013

Protein is one of the most important parts of your regular diet. It plays a significant role to build up body muscle. Nowadays, high protein food has become a staple to fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Protein helps to repair and build up muscles and thus helps them to withstand laborious fitness training by quickly recovering between two sessions.

Here is a list of some bodybuilding protein foods especially for the bodybuilders.

• Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein and thus should be at the top of a bodybuilder’s diet chart. They have a high nutritional value which the body uses for protein synthesis. Eggs are easy to cook. A hardboiled egg is a great snack. Even the pickiest child who often drains out his food through the copper kitchen sinks, prefer to eat eggs. An egg contains about 2g saturated fat. If someone wants to avoid the fat content, he can remove the egg yolk and use the white part for making omelet or scrambled egg.

• Fishes – These are excellent source of protein. In fact, fishes are rich in protein but low in carbohydrate and saturated fat. Cold water fishes like sardines, salmon, trout and mackerel could be the best choices. All of these fishes contain significant quantity of omega 3 fatty acid and essential minerals. Fishes are much easy to digest. Milder tasting fishes like haddock, cod and flounder can also be good options, but they don’t contain essential fatty acids like omega 3.

• Poultry – Poultry birds like turkey and chicken are rich in good quality protein, but they are low in fat. They have great nutritional value. They are inexpensive too! You can use ground turkey instead of red meat in burgers or pasta sauce. But if you’re tired of eating chicken and turkey, you can give ostrich a thought. But ostrich is an expensive option and difficult to find. Although technically ostrich is a red meat, yet it has 40% less fat than beef.

• Kidney beans – These are very delicious and easy to add to your daily diet. Moreover, they are easily available. They have great nutritional value. Kidney beans are rich in protein. They contain a significant quantity of fiber too! They are high in iron and potassium, but low in fat. You can eat them as a side dish or alone as a snack. You can also toss them into salads.

• Other available sources –
There is no dearth of high protein foods in the market and almost all of them are good choices for the fitness buffs. Lean red meats, cottage cheese, nuts, milk and low fat dairy products can be other sources of protein.

It is true that protein plays the most significant role in building and toning up body muscles, but there are some other nutrients that also play important role. The main point of a bodybuilding menu is controlled overeating of different types of natural and healthy foods. The foods may include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, healthy facts and grains. These foods work together to stimulate muscle growth. But the key to developing muscles is to consume protein. This is the main body building block that builds up new tissues. A bodybuilder must consume 0.8 gm to 1.0 gm protein per pound of his body weight.

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