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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Vital Equipment for Your School Skiing Trip

>> Feb 19, 2013

For anyone embarking on a skiing trip with their school, it can be an exciting time and for many, it will be their first time experiencing Winter Sports. But what essential equipment should you take with you?
Naturally, choosing the right skis, ski poles and boots is fundamental if you are going to enjoy a happy and safe trip but it's important not to forget other essentials at the same time.

Taking right clothing is also vital on any school ski trip but this is an area that is frequently overlooked and it can leave the child hopelessly under-prepared.

Ski Socks
You will need at least two pairs of specific Winter Sports socks for your school ski trip as you'll find them to be extremely damp at the end of the day! Therefore, you will be wearing one pair while the other will be washed and drying, ready for action.

Better still, take three to four pairs if you are skiing for a week or more and while standard tubular socks are a popular buy, it's a wiser choice to pack specially designed ski socks.

Thermals are a pre-requisite for any ski trip as they provide an overall layer of warmth that protects you against the elements. As a general rule, several thin layers of clothing are perfect in order to keep you dry and warm and your thermals should always be at the base.

This is one instance where supermarkets and other retail clothing outlets really can compete against the specialist stores. Many of these shops are selling perfectly good thermal ski wear at a huge saving on the price you might pay at a bespoke Winter Sports retailer.

Ski Jacket
It's hard to say which item of clothing is the most important as they all have a vital role to play. However, you simply can't go on a slope without an outer ski jacket or snowsuit and it pays to buy the best quality here.

This is your first line of defence against the cold and any heavy snow conditions that you might encounter.

Remember that the glare of the sun from the snow can be extremely powerful so invest in some good quality goggles. They will protect your eyes and it will be safer as you ski.

We started with socks and now we end with another vital item that is going to protect your extremities. Fingers and toes are the first to suffer from icy temperatures but there's no need to worry about health issues if you have adequate protection.

Quality here is essential so make sure that the ski gloves you purchase are warm, padded and waterproof. They should cover the wrists and naturally, you need good grip in order to manage the poles as you go down the slopes.

Skis, poles and boots are vital but don't forget that the correct clothing is equally important for any school winter sports trips so remember to pack the right gear for your journey.

Trevor Doyle is an experienced winter sports journalist who has been advising on school ski trips for many years. A specialist in http://www.htstotalski.com/ holidays, his work has been published on a wide range of online websites.

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