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Beneficial Features of Urgent Care Facilities

>> Feb 27, 2013

Individuals who reside in a locality where urgent health care is handy are obviously the fortunate one. Urgent care units are also popularly known as walk-in clinic, one-minute clinics, and immediate care facilities. These institutions offer a kind of medical service that form a link between the visit to doctor’s clinic and emergency faculties in the hospitals.  Visiting an Emergency Room will also require one to invest a considerable amount of time, whereas urgent clinics are instantaneous care providers.

Several medical issues are treated in these urgent care clinics and thus the patients do not need to visit the local hospitals, which was otherwise the only option. As a consequence patients suffering from more severe illnesses can be admitted in the seats which could have been occupied by other patients, who can now avail best treatments from the walk-in clinics.

Cost Effective Treatment
One of the major benefits of visiting a minute clinic is that it is much more cost effective than general hospitals. The physician who shall check you in the clinics will any day charge you lesser than a physician in an ER. On the other hand the co-payments charged by the insurance providers from patients who are regular at urgent care facility clinics, are considerably lower than that charged upon ER visitors.

Flexibility of Schedules
Not every individual will have his residence in the proximity of an urgent care clinic. For these individuals the schedules can be altered according to their convenience. One such clinic will be opened early in the morning and offer service throughout the day until late evenings. Some of them are open even in the weekends. Recently several clinics have been opened which function 24x7 and on-call basis. However, these clinics operate in selected areas only.

No Prior Appointments Required
General hospitals would require you to make a prior appointment, which is often not required to visit minute clinics. And this is one of the reasons while these clinics have become one of the most popular options for convenient medical treatment, in the recent years. Individuals who face health problems while they are away from their residences will also be benefitted by the services of a walk-in clinic.

There is no reason of thinking that the quality of treatment wouldn’t be as good as that offered by hospitals. The quality is absolutely similar.

Ailments that are Treated
Let us have a quick look at the conditions that are treated by an urgent care provider.
1. Cuts 
2. Colds 
3. Sore throats 
4. Mild cases of asthma 
5. Coughs 
6. Fevers 
7. Ear infections
8. Minor skin irritations 
9. Non-life threatening respiratory conditions
10. General wound care
11. Animal bites 
12. Symptoms of flu
13. Sprains

One must however keep in mind there are certain symptoms that would need superior medical care and hence are best to be taken to the ER of a hospital. Shortness of breath, severe and continuous vomiting as well as non-stop bleeding, acute pain in the chest or abdominal area, frequent fainting are health issues that are to be reported to an ER physician immediately. For the rest, walk-in care facilities in residential areas like, Urgent Care Walnut Creek facilities are always available

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