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Information on Cystitis Cystica and Things You Must Do

>> Feb 12, 2013

Health is indeed the most important possession of any individual. Needless to say that without a good health, one will not be able to lead a peaceful and happy life so it is quite an important thing to take good care of it. In this article we will discuss about an uncommon and rare health condition. I have suffered for it for quite a long time and then eventually got rid of it. Cystitis Cystica is the name of the ailment that we are going to discuss hereby. 


I was in college then, when I was first diagnosed with this disease. For quite some time then I had trouble urinating and emptying my bladder completely and that worsened with every passing day. Eventually I saw my home physician and he asked me to take an USG (ultrasonography test). He test confirmed that there was a cyst in the bladder trigone. The radiologists suggested me to consult a surgeon immediately and I became a bit apprehensive by the urgency they showed.

My treatment started and the cyst was removed and the biopsy confirmed chronic cystitis Cystica. The doctors said that there was nothing to worry about that but they put a bilateral stent in my urethra. They further told me that the stents are going to be removed within the next 6 months. I was told to rest for 15 days and then I could start following my normal routine. However, life with the stents inside was much different.

Things that you might experience with stents inside
1.   Tiredness
2.   Giddiness
3.   Blood stained urine
4.   Pain while urinating
5.   Urgency in urinating

So if you face some of these do not worry, these are quite normal when you have the stent inside. I was however told to take routine urine culture and senility tests to make sure there were no further infections in the urinary tract.

Things to do while you have stents inserted:
1.   Drink plenty of water (4 liters a Day)
2.   Do not involve in heavy exercise.
3.   Do not cycle much
4.   Consult your doctor if you feel uneasy
However, after doing all these, things started to come in control and I started feeling much better. I had to visit the doctor after every 2 months just for a periodic check up. The doctor performed a cystoscopy and ensured that that the bladder was recuperating.

General information on Cystitis Cystica

1.   Make sure that you take plenty of fluid. Water juices and others.
2.   Do not indulge in unprotected sexual activities that might trigger another infection.
3.   Make sure that you keep a touch with your doctor in case you feel things are wrong.
4.   Perform daily exercises as that will help in improving your urinary process.
These are some of the important things that you should keep in mind if you are undergoing treatment for Cystica Cystica. 

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sm February 13, 2013 at 8:57 AM  

useful info and tips for people suffering from cystica

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