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A Garden Room is a Useful Addition to any Home

>> Feb 7, 2013

This piece suggests a range of uses for a garden room. It considers the positive and negative points of this kind of extra room in and house and suggests some uses for a garden room. Different kinds of garden room are also mentioned.
A garden room is a glass walled room with a solid roof and may be attached to a house or a standalone structure in a garden. They have many uses and although the solid roof does not give the full sunlit effect of a conservatory, it has other advantages such as making the room easier to heat or cool. If you are looking to extend your house or adding extra space in the garden then a garden room is a good option to consider.

Make the most of the space
A garden room provides a useful extra space in any home and when they are attached to the house itself they are easily accessible. Garden rooms that are not directly attached sometimes suffers from lack of use, especially during the winter in colder climates; this can be avoided by making the room multipurpose, while it may be a sun trap in summer it could be put to work as a gym or party room in the winter. A garden room can be used as an office year round; good quality construction will minimise the heat loss through lots of glass and the solid roof makes sure that the rooms doesn't get too hot in the summer so the space can be easily maintained at a comfortable temperature and a detached building is especially good for an office. Decking out a garden room with comfortable chairs, a fridge and maybe a pool table or other games make it a great place for children and teenagers to relax; they get a separate but easily monitored space.

Extend your vegetable patch
As growing your own food becomes more popular all the time a garden room makes a great growing room where you can also relax in a plant filled environment. Vegetables and fruit that do not cope well with a cooler climate can be grown in garden rooms, which gives amateur growers a wider range of foods to try. There are also lots of attractive flowers that thrive in a warm room and as the garden room will also be used for socialising and relaxing the heating for the plants is not wasted as it would be in a bespoke green house. The glass walls let through plenty of light, making this room a good place for anyone with seasonally affected disorder as they can get the maximum daylight in a comfortable location and plants produce oxygen so the atmosphere in the room will benefit as well.

Overall an additional room with the glass walling of a garden room is a great addition to any house and by putting a bit of planning into the furnishing and uses that the room will be put to you can make the most of the extra space year round.

Anna Mathews is an interior designer and amateur gardener who uses her garden rooms to good use by growing fruit and vegetables in them. She writes for a range of websites and blogs on various topics concerning interior design.

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Gany February 7, 2013 at 2:29 PM  

We had a garden backside but later we constructed a room since we needed one more room for our convenience. Now we miss the garden very much

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