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Increase Your Employment Chances By Blackberry Certifications

>> Feb 28, 2013

You must have heard about blackberry, well we aren't talking about the fruit, but the Smartphone designed and developed by a wireless device and telecommunication company, Research In Motion or RIM. The amazing phone is now in everyone’s pocket because of its cool smart features such as email and text messaging, social networking, GPS, Camera with video recording, and media player. Very few of us really know that the Blackberry also provides golden opportunity to get your skills recognized by various Blackberry certifications. 

Let’s talk about the Blackberry certifications:
A career with the smart phone industry is now a very much preferred option for IT professionals. The huge worldwide customers of BlackBerry Smartphone and BlackBerry Server software are already there to be served through your skills and knowledge. It can do a world of good if your skills and knowledge are certified by one of the world’s leading Smartphone and server software producers, Blackberry Certification. Today, in this Smartphone booming marketplace the demand for skilled and expert BlackBerry professionals is growing day by day so as your employment chances.  

Various Certifications Blackberry provides:
Blackberry provides various certifications in their four streams named as Plan and Design, Manage and Monitor, Support and Troubleshoot and Solution Sales. Under these streams certifications for the different roles in BlackBerry BCSA Certification are Certified Support Specialist, Certified Server Support Expert, Certified System Administrator, Certified Solution Designer, Certified Technical Sales Specialist, and MVS Certified Integration Analyst are available to enhance your professional skills and credibility.

For information related to various Blackberry certifications you can tune in to their official website. All the information and guidance about their exams can be found there easily. Apart from their official website their information can also be obtained through the BlackBerry Academic Program. Although, the student can’t sign up for the program, your institution can. You can be benefited from courses provided by the BlackBerry Academic Program exclusively for the BlackBerry certification exam.   

Besides these recourses, different educational websites are also a good option for their information. The internet has many websites, which provide Blackberry certifications study materials and examination tips and guidance. However, you must only rely on reputed online resources. Not all of them are genuine, so before spending your money do a proper research. Once you get yourself prepared and ready, it’s time for a BlackBerry Certification Exam.

How do you register for the exam?
Well, registering for an exam of BlackBerry certification is very easy. Visit their website, and select the suitable certification stream, and click the button which says “Register Now”. It will open a test service provider, where you can select your convenient day and time for your exam. You can also walk into their test centers or use your phone for the registration. All the examination terms and regulations can be accessed though the Blackberry Certification Program Guide.

The various RIM products are very complex and require an expert professional when their customers need any kind of help. Become a BlackBerry certified professional and make the world realize your importance of your skills and knowledge. 

I am John S Lam from PrepNerds; Let take benefit of ISEB Certifications material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.

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