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Teachergive Sale 2023

To Have Enjoyable Statue of Liberty Tours

>> Feb 23, 2013

Whenever talking about interesting destinations in New York City, what do you have in mind? If you ask me, I’ll answer my two dream places to visit: the Statue of Liberty New York and the Empire State Building. Although some friends said that they are too common destinations, I don’t care.  If I visit New York City one day, I’ll certainly include them in my trip plan as the must visit destinations!

The Empire State Building is the New York’s tallest structure. I’m imagining being at its 86th floor observation deck and enjoy the view; I’ll ignore my high sickness! This building has attracted many tourists for years but I’ll write more about my preparation of having statue of liberty tours here. Even though I still don’t have an accurate leaving date, I like to gather information and make a trip plan.   


Stands on a Liberty Island in the center of the New York City harbor, the 46-meters-tall Statue of Liberty is the worldwide most famous symbol of Freedom and Democracy and also a National Monument since 1924. It must be very exciting to stand near the statue’s feet and stare up. For those who have ever taken the ferry to Liberty Island for this unforgettable view, they are so lucky.  


I know that the Hurricane Sandy has caused widespread damage to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Both islands are forbidden for visitors for an indefinite period. The ferry wouldn’t bring visitors coming ashore on the islands, but tourists still can enjoy this amazing statue from the Statue Cruises ferry boats. I really hope that during my true New York visit, the two islands have been re-opened! I’ll book my ferry tickets online in advance; who would like to waste times in a long ticket purchase line?

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