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Blending Correctly for Essential Oil Soaps

>> Feb 21, 2013

Like many things in life, sometimes things get better when they are blended perfectly with carefully selected ingredients. Whiskey, tea and essential oils being a few such things! When it comes to essential oils, they are used in a variety of industries and probably one of the best-known industries is the perfume industry.

There is also the fact that essential oil soaps are becoming increasingly popular today because people want to try out something that is closer to nature rather than something that is full of chemicals. Most soaps can be made by using a single essential oil. But for a soap that delivers a wider array of benefits, one must choose multiple essential oils and blend them perfectly.

Let the fragrance be a guide

When it comes to making essential oil soaps, one must have a finely developed sense of smell in order to be able to choose the right kind of essential oils to be mixed together. However, you could perhaps follow a simple rule of not choosing oils that will clash together as far as their fragrances are concerned. What you can do therefore is to pick up small amounts of the various essential oils that appeal to you. Choose an ink dropper and select just one drop each of these oils, blend them together and see if the fragrance appeals to you.

Let the properties be a guide

You can also choose essential oils based on the properties. For instance,
·         Lavender is said to be a good disinfectant.
·         Eucalyptus is said to be antiseptic.
·         Silver sage soap is said to be calming.
So if you want to create a soap that delivers these kinds of benefits, then you could see if blending these three essential oils works to create a wonderful soap or not.

The nuances of notes

Every essential oil can be classified into three notes in terms of its fragrance – top, middle and base. The heaviest or the longest lasting scent is the base note. Oils such as sandalwood, patchouli and frankincense are classified into this category. Top notes lie on the other side of the spectrum and are said to be the lightest and last for an extremely short duration. Lemon, lavender and sweet orange can be examples of such notes. In the middle are oils such as nutmeg, geranium and neroli.

At the end of the day, there probably is no better guide than your sense of smell and your appreciation of the fragrance that is created when you blend essential oils to make soaps.

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