Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Are You Looking for Unique Baby Shower Favors?

>> Feb 22, 2013

I’m helping a friend to prepare her baby shower that will be held next month. Anyway, have you ever questioned why this special event is called baby shower? The word shower means that the would-be mother is showered with presents from her female friends and relatives. Only women are invited to attend a baby shower as this occasion has the original purpose to share knowledge and wisdom about motherhood.

I think a baby shower should be carried out for cherishing the first pregnant experience of every pregnant woman who will treasure this event as one of her most memorable moments during their nine months of pregnancy. We’re so lucky that we have no trouble anymore to find personalized and unique baby shower favors, baby shower decoration and party supplies that would be required to make an unforgettable baby shower. From the comfort of her home, my friend would be able to browse a large collection of cool, useful, impressive stuffs at a favorite online store like ABCFavors and to select one item that she likes most.

My main task is preparing the games to keep amused all visitors of her baby shower. I plan to select three games to play: baby trivia, diaper changing races and baby names games. I hope she would be agreed with my chosen games. My friend told me that she wouldn’t choose a specific theme for her baby shower but since it’s a baby girl; she only would like a pink themed one. I’m imagining how sweet and awesome her event would be!  

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BlogS of Hariyanto February 22, 2013 at 11:23 PM  

kenapa hanya perempuan yang di undang, bapak-bapaknya tida diundang ya...padahal bapak-bapaknya juga punya andil dalam kehamilannya loh :-)

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