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Teachergive Sale 2023

Some Effective Tips to Approach a Reputed Talent Agency

>> Feb 12, 2013

Today, there are hundreds of talent agencies across the country. Such agencies represent performers like models, actors, anchors and media personalities. They source jobs to the aspiring performers and negotiate wages on behalf of them. By signing a deal with a reputed talent agency, you will surely increase your chance of making a living in the entertainment industry. Prepare yourself in the best possible way so that you can draw the attention of the agent at a glance while you will approach. Unless you’re well-groomed and enough confident about the competence of your resume and head shot, don’t approach an agency. You must read online talent reviews to find the best agency that works the best for you.

Here are some good tips which would help you learn how to approach a renowned talent agency and get success over time.
  • Take your head shots – Take some head shots as these are the preliminary items that the talent agents ask for. Have the head shots by a professional photographer who can efficiently represent your look and personality through the head shots. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be stereotypically beautiful. If you want to enter into the modeling industry, then have some head shots without make-up, as the modeling agencies want the upcoming models to see in bone structure and original complexion. Besides, choose some portrait head shots and profile shots. If you want to enter into the acting industry, then you need to pick at least 5 to 6 head shots demonstrating your personality and range.
  • Create show reel – Now create a show reel. Set a movie camera and capture yourself performing. You may follow the style of a current TV anchor whom you like the most.
  • Create a website – Create a website so that you can direct people related to your field to a place where they can find all information they require regarding you. After you create your site, add a blogging platform to it so that you can update your site with latest information, images and good links to video hosting websites.
  • Send inquiry emails to different agencies – After gathering necessary materials which could support your application, you can approach an agency. Some talent agencies limit the contact info they make available to decrease the number of speculative phone calls. They don’t even provide any slot on the online contact form for direct mail address or phone number. So keep your message to-the-point; just include your contact number, email id and website URL. Usually, talent agencies take time to reply. So don’t expect prompt reply from them.
  • Make a follow-up call – Now make a follow-up call. Some talent agencies have their offices across the world. Choose an office close to your home. For example, if you stay in Detroit, you may choose One Source Talent Detroit. However, before you choose the company, make sure you read talent reviews to get an idea about how the company works. After choosing a company and submitting your resume, make a follow-up call after some days. Politely ask them to put you through the individual who deals with the applications. Once you’re directed to him, tell your name and explain the purpose of calling.
These are the basics of approaching a reputed talent agency in your locality.

Author’s Bio – Peter Smith is known for writing useful fashion and modeling industry blogs and articles. He has written a number of talent reviews for several talent agencies.

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