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Tips to Deal with HIV Infection

>> Feb 8, 2013

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a fatal virus that completely destroys the immune system of the infected individuals. This virus causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome, commonly known as AIDS, a lethal condition. However, with the modern and improved medications, HIV positive people are living healthier and longer life than ever before. Knowing how to cope with the disease or the complications related to it is very important for any AIDS patient. Proper HIV AIDS care may include taking healthy diet and following good lifestyle.

Here are some useful tips on how to deal with the HIV infection or AIDS.

Before diagnosis

• Know the risk factors – At the beginning, people must know the risk factors associated to the HIV infection. The risk factor may include having unprotected sex, being victim of rape, sharing same needle for injecting drugs and sticking with a needle, accidentally, while providing healthcare.

• Get tested – One should be tested if he or she has gone through any of the above-mentioned risk factors. Although one can do the test in home, but most doctors suggest that it is always better to visit a doctor to do the test, get face-to-face counseling at comfort.

• Bring a buddy – One must bring a friend or relative to hear the test result. If he/she is diagnosed with HIV positive, the individual won’t be in a condition to hear even a single word uttered by the healthcare professional beyond only those bone-chilling words. A dearest and nearest one can ask the physicians required questions on behalf of the person in problem and jot down the information about proper HIV AIDS care.

After diagnosis

• Have patience – One must not confuse HIV infection or AIDS with a death sentence. AIDS is not the end of life. Today, there is effective treatment for HIV infection or AIDS and so, nowadays, people with AIDS don’t die without treatment. Groundbreaking treatments for AIDS have made it very much possible for the AIDS patients to live a longer and healthier life than ever before. In other words, HIV positive people can live almost a normal life in comparatively good health. HIV is no more a terminal condition; rather it is a chronic one.

• Follow up with an expert –
The individual must follow up with a healthcare professional so that he or she can determine present health status and start treatment accordingly.

• Get support – The person needs to get support from HIV or AIDS service organizations. Such organizations offer case management, support groups, free education and referrals to useful community resources and provide limited monetary help.

• Monitor the mood – The HIV positive person must monitor his or her mood regularly. This is an important part of HIV AIDS care or treatment. It is quite easy and obvious for the person to slip into deep depression that may include irritable mood, crying a lot, not being capable of enjoying normal activities, losing interest in sex, change in sleeping and eating behavior and last but not the least, frequent thoughts of dying. For such mood swings, the individual must be taken to a counselor or a psychiatrist referred by his or her doctor.

• Fight against feeling of guilt – People diagnosed with HIV often use the diagnosis as the excuse to beat themselves up. They must forgive themselves and move on.

• Take proper care – HIV infected people should take care of overall health. HIV AIDS care may include right diet, sufficient sleep, no stress and proper medications. HIV positive people should not leave living a social life.

These are the imperative factors that people with HIV infection must follow in order to live a healthy and long life.

Author’s’ Bio – Jane Fonda is known for her write-ups related to health industry. Her blogs on
HIV AIDS care, AIDS medical accesses etc. are very much useful to HIV positive individuals.

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