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5 Tips To Select A Trampoline For Your Kids

>> Jun 9, 2016

Most of us have loved to jump up and down on a trampoline when we were young. And if you want your kids to enjoy a similar experience then you should buy one for them. Though the kids have a lot of fun on a trampoline, most if not all kids suffer some injury or another when playing on it. Hence you need to select a trampoline that is not only good but safe too and below are 5 tips to do just that.

1) Traditionally trampolines have been a great source of fun and many manufacturers have started manufacturing trampolines with safety in mind. So it is important to first do research about the trampoline that you wish to buy. Also it is important to look at all the features that they provide.

2) Check if the trampoline has safety pads. Safety pads are a mandatory requirement and it should be there on the trampoline. It should cover the springs so that the kids who jump about do not get injured. The problem with safety mats is that they wear off soon and the risk of injury mounts, so ensure that you buy a trampoline with very good quality and sturdy safety pads.

3) Traditional trampolines did not have springs, but the new ones come with springs and finding one without springs is difficult. If you find a trampoline without springs then you can buy it as it reduces risk of injury. However, finding such trampolines are difficult and we need to check the design and ensure that safety pads are placed above the springs.

4) Manufacturers of trampolines need to provide safety nets but the problem is that most nets are of inferior quality and after a couple of times of usage they tear and unfit for reducing injuries. You need to ensure that you get a top quality net, so that the kids do not fall out of the trampoline. Another point to note is the net pole. The net pole should not be too hard as it will injure the kid. Also it should not have safety foam as it will not offer the required protection. In fact, the pole should be flexible and strong because it needs to hold the trampoline user and not make him or her fall on the ground. The flexible pole should be able to take the weight of the user and send him back to the centre of the trampoline.

5) The frame of the trampoline is very important. It should be strong and sturdy and able to hold the weight of the jumpers. Lightweight frames will not work; the trampoline will break and lead to injuries.

If you follow the above mentioned 5 tips you will be able to select a very good trampoline for your kids. Remember that safety of the kids is paramount and hence you should not compromise on the safety aspect. Even if you need to pay a little extra to get the best trampoline, you should do that because you will be not paying for hospital bills due to injury.

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sm June 10, 2016 at 1:20 AM  

nicely explained
yes one needs to think about safety also while buying it

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