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Choosing A Family Law Attorney

>> Jun 13, 2016

While choosing a family law attorney, you need to be sure that they represent your lawsuit well in court and you also feel comfortable with them. Here are a few factors mentioned below, which you can consider while choosing an attorney.

Assess your requirements
Many attorneys are reputed for being intense litigators, and there are others, who can reach the settlement quite early without much heartburn. And, many others are there who can take a middle route and get the settlement done. Assess your needs, whether you want a litigator, mediator, or collaborator.

Meet a few attorneys
Do not get under the pressure of divorce and hire the first lawyer you meet. Make an arrangement of meeting a few attorneys before you decide upon one. You can look up for law firms and individual lawyers online, ask your friends and family, refer yellow pages, etc. and shortlist a few attorneys you like.

Beware of misguidance
If a lawyer seems to misguide you at some point in the initial consultation, it is better that you do not believe their promises. Many such promises turn out to be bogus later. You must listen to your instinct and hire a family law attorney who is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, makes you comfortable, and communicates with you easily.

Prepare a list of questions
You must prepare a list of questions that you can ask your prospective attorney so that you can make up your mind whether you want to hire them or not. There are some factors on priority that should be the focus of your questions. You have to be courageous to enquire the attorney thoughtfully and deliberately. Although the period just before divorce is very difficult for anyone, you have to maintain your composure to handle the situation tactfully. You can refer the following questions for starters:

  • Does this lawyer limit their practice to divorce or family law, and matters related to it? Is he/she a specialist of family law?
  • What is the experience of this lawyer in handling similar cases as mine?
  • Are there any adequate resources available with this attorney to make sure that I get personal service and expert legal advice? (Some of basic resources include modern technology, support staff, instant approach to other lawyers of family law, etc.)
  • How is the way of speaking of the attorney? Is it courteous, intelligent, professional, etc. It is not necessary that the lawyer who uses judicial vocabulary in front of you is a great lawyer. In fact, he may be trapping you to hire him.
  • Does the lawyer answer my queries in words that are easily comprehensible?
  •  Does the lawyer actually understand what I am saying?
  •  Does the lawyer tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the options I am seeking?
  • Is the lawyer willing, able, experienced, and ready to go to the hearings of court if you are not able to come?
  • Does the lawyer make sure that after the case has begun, it keeps moving to reach a conclusion?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the lawyer? 

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