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Why Some People Seem Immune to Mosquito Bites

>> Jun 23, 2016

Mosquitoes are one of the priority targets for pest control even in some residential condominiums in Cebu because they carry diseases that affect people. One of the many causes of deaths in third world countries are diseases related to mosquitos and the diseases that they carry. These pests are many, they multiply fast and they are relentless in that they can thrive in almost any environment.

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What Mosquitos are

Mosquitoes are small flies that come from the family Culicidae. Majority of the pests that people know are female mosquitos that are called “ectoparasites” because they rely on their suction or tube-like mouths to go through their host’s skin to drink their blood. Studies have shown that the blood mosquitoes consume are generally of a non-threatening amount, however, the residue or chemical that mosquitoes leave behind may cause irritation and itching.


Mosquitoes are known to thrive in humid places, often times those in tropical countries such as the Philippines. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in puddles of water, often contaminating them making them unsafe for consumption and distribution. The thing about mosquitoes is that they multiply extremely fast. They live fast, they die fast but the sheer number of them is usually enough to cause alarm for residents whose homes are situated near bodies of water.

Mosquito lifecycle

Mosquitoes multiply fast and they go through a life-cycle, similar to butterflies. They come from eggs which then hatch into larva. These larvae spend the majority of their time feeding on algae, bacteria and other microbs. After that phase, the larva will then transform into the pupa form and they will then go on a short period of inactivity. As opposed to the constant feeding of larva, the pupa spends its time not doing anything. Finally, the final stage of a mosquito’s lifecycle is adulthood. In this form, mosquitoes are at their most annoying stage – and most dangerous.

Mosquito Threats

Mosquitos are generally pests that are simply annoying in that they drink blood, sometimes in large numbers but most often than not, all they do is cause some itching. However, it is known and documented for a person to feel lightheaded due to constant mosquito bites. Another threat that mosquitoes pose is their penchant for contaminating large bodies of water. However, mosquitos are at their most dangerous when they carry a disease. Some diseases that mosquitoes carry include the dengue fever. Dengue is one of the most common dangerous ailment because if left untreated, it can cause weakness in a person and in the worst case, death.

Who mosquitoes bite

Generally, mosquitoes are not known in choosing their targets. However, science has shown that pests are known to possess certain senses that aid them in their pursuit of nutrition. Studies have shown that people who are stressed emit a pheromone that attracts a mosquito. It can therefore be observed that people that are less stressed are less prone to suffering mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes are generally an annoyance but at the end of the day, pest control is the only solution for these pests before they become a legitimate threat to you and your family.

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