Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

A Complete Guide For Buying Beads For Making Different Types Of Jewelry

>> Jun 19, 2016

Beads are used to make a wide range of jewelry items including anklets, armbands, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Beads are available in a vast range of textures, sizes and shapes. They may be made from gemstones, metal, glass, wood, seashells and many more different types of materials.

Types of beads
There are numerous varieties of beads available. Each type of bead may possess certain unique characteristics. The main types of beads include:

·         Regular beads
The most commonly used beads are the regular beads. They are usually round in shape and are commonly used as the primary component in the jewelry piece. Regular beads may be sub categorized into the following type of beads:
  • Pearl beads, which are made of real pearls or from plastic and glass. 
  • Plastic beads, which are lightweight and inexpensive, are usually used by bead crafters who may be beginners of the art.
  • Gold or silver plated metal beads, which are frequently used to create vintage jewelry.
  • Wooden beads, which are lightweight and affordable.
  • Affordable glass beads, which can customized in different colors and transparency levels.
  • Gemstone beads, which are usually crafted in a manner to resemble gemstones.
·         Seed beads
These beads are actually small glass beads, which are usually spherical. Larger seed beads are usually used as the primary part of the jewelry. Smaller sized seed beads are commonly used as spacers.

·         Pony beads
These beads are a variant of seed beads. They are usually used by children and beginner beads crafters. In some jewelry pieces, they are also used as spacers.

·         Charm beads
These metal beads may be painted or carved. They are usually used as the focal pieces in necklaces and pendants.

·         Specialty beads
These beads include tubular beads, clasp beads and crimp beads. They are usually used as stoppers, clasps, links or spacers.

Factors to consider while buying beads
You may choose to buy beads from wholesalers or retailers. Buying from wholesalers is usually recommended when you need to purchase beads in bulk and are offered lower prices for the same. Buying from retailers is recommended when you may require a small number of beads.

While buying beads, it is also important to consider their grading. Beads may be graded according to their degree of opaqueness. The grading may range from the lowest grading to the highest AAA grading. Evaluating the grades is advisable when buying beads online. For more information regarding the different varieties and grades of beads, you may visit jessejamesbeads.com.

While buying beads, it is advisable to consider the following factors:
·         Decide on a budget for purchasing beads.
·         Check the buying and return policy of the supplier.
·         It is advisable to buy beads which you may really like instead of the ones available at throwaway prices.

Purchasing the right beads from the right supplier can enhance your jewelry making skills.

Beads can enhance the appeal of a jewelry piece. If you are looking for best quality graded beads, then Jesse James Beads is the perfect stop for you. You can choose from among the vast variety of beads in different colors, materials and sizes. 

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