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New Additions to Google’s Search Analytics Report

>> Jun 8, 2016

The Google Search Console helps webmasters to check the status of indexing and increase the visibility of sites. In a latest post, Google has revealed that it has updated the technique, by which it measures the number of clicks in the Search Analytics Report. The most recent changes can tell SEO experts how far a business has been able to increase its footprint. In this article, we are going to learn about the new additions to the Search Console.

The latest standards for calculating the clicks and impressions involve only the mobile application property and not the website. Your SEO expert can notice a change in the CTR values and clicks as well as impressions in the Analytics report.

The Search Analytics Report of Google Search Console account displays an ‘Update’ tab. If you click that tab, your Analytics metrics will change. 

Other changes made by Google include how they count links in Rich Snippets, Knowledge Panel and local results.In case you are new in the world of SEO and don’t have a basic understanding of Google Analytics, then you should join an SEO courseto know things in detail.
Let us take a look at the following.

Knowledge Panel        

Knowledge Panels and rich snippets are today the most common way of offering information to searchers. The Knowledge Panel can give information about a business logo, brand name and description. It offers data to search queries. With knowledge panels, Google shows its semantic technologies. At the same time, it is convenient for users as they get answers quickly without having to click on many results. The carousels and modules users get on the result pages are connected to the Knowledge Graph of Google. The images or other information you get here are crafted as per search behavior and are sourced from Wikipedia.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are pieces of information that make it easy for a search engine to find out content on a web page. With the help of rich snippets, users can understand how valuable a suggested page on search engine result pages can be. In the event that you own an e-commerce business; your product prices, consumer rating and product availability are seen in rich snippets.

As far as snippets are concerned, a portion of text comes up from a web page in search results in response to the query made by a user. Users can also come across maps, if they search for a local restaurant. These maps are sourced by Google from its local search program.

Local Results

One of the most discussed topics in the world of search engine optimizationis the handling of local results. If the local result displays a URL from your site, it would be considered as an impression. In the event that your business has more than one franchise in the same area, the URL may be same. In this case, shared web URL becomes common and your site’s URL is included in multiple local results. What is interesting in this regard is that the URL is counted only once and not as many times as it gets included.If the same results page includes a local natural web result and a local result, it is considered as a single site impression. In this case, each URL gets page impressions that are used in the per-page view. 

With these changes in the Search Analytics Report of Google Search Console, Google aims to make it easy for business owners to know how far they have been able to advertise their products and services. The information into the number of clicks can also tell them how they have succeeded in gaining visibility and SEO techniques they can adapt to increase their reach among their target visitors. 

Author Bio – Jessica McNeal is an SEO expert with more than a decade’s experience. She imparts lessons on SEO course  to aspiring digital marketing professionals.

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