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Why are Solar trackers All the Rage? Read This!

>> Jun 9, 2016

Solar energy is one of the most famous forms of renewable energy. Many people know that this form of energy is harnessed using solar panels. These are specially constructed panels that are able to convert sun rays into electrical energy. Normally, the panels are placed in a fixed position on the roof of a building or arranged on a flat outdoor area exposed to the sun. This generates energy but the panels can be made more effective. This is accomplished using solar trackers.

What are they?
Solar trackers are devices that are used to tilt the solar panels such that they follow the sun's position as it moves across the sky. By doing this, the panels receive maximum solar energy and thus generate more electricity. Solar trackers are able to increase energy generation by between 10% and 25%. As such, they are markedly effective.
The science of solar trackers
The trackers are able to maximize solar energy generation by adjusting the angle of incidence. This is the angle between the angle of the rays and a perpendicular line on the solar panel. By reducing this angle, the solar trackers are able to maximize the intensity of the sun rays and make the panels generate more electricity.

Soltec Solar trackers are used on solar panels and also solar concentrators. Also known as thermal concentrators, these are devices that concentrate sunlight so as to heat a central point. The trackers can be used to adjust the position of the concentrators such that they face the sun directly and maximize the energy that is produced. Solar trackers have specific characteristics.

Characteristics of solar trackers
Solar trackers can generate much more energy using the same space needed for fixed panels. This means that they utilize space and land in an optimum manner. By producing more energy per square foot than regular panels, they have a greater Return On Investment (ROI).

They are available in two main types. These are the:
1.   Single-axis trackers
2.   Dual-axis trackers

The singe-axis trackers can follow the sun by tilting in one direction. This can be forward and backward or side to side. The dual-axis trackers can tilt the panel in four directions. They can move in any direction required so as to capture maximum solar energy. This variety allows you to pick the type that is ideal for your project.

Factors to consider when choosing a solar tracker system
There are many factors that you should consider as you go ahead to pick out a solar tracker system. You should consider the size of your planned system, the rates of electricity, size of the land, terrain and prevalent weather conditions. Other factors that you should consider include the latitude of the area and any incentives provided by the government. In most cases, single-axis solar trackers are used for utility size installations while dual-axis trackers are used for smaller installations.

Solar trackers are a recent technology in the field of solar panels and renewable energy. They offer a way to harness more energy from the sun in the same field of space. They are viable option for those who intend to invest in solar panels. 

Mark Fielder is a solar panel engineer who installs Soltec solar trackers. He has performed this job for over ten years. He contributed a lot to this report. To lean more about solar tracking, visit this website. You can follow Mark on his twitter handle@

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