Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Planning a Dinner Cruise in the mesmerising city of Dubai? Read on!

>> Jun 28, 2016

Apart from being one of the most prominent business centres in the world, Dubai also makes for a great tourist destination. Besides the trade and the beautiful buildings, Dubai also boasts of an amazing sea front where you could do a lot like fishing and cruising. Imagine going on a dinner cruise with your loved ones. Many would love to go on such a cruise at least once in their lives. Once you have booked a dhow cruise in Dubai, the travel team works to ensure that you have the perfect trip. This would include food, drinks, entertainment as well. All you have to do is just show up and enjoy your dinner cruise. Here are a few things you need to consider before going on a dinner cruise.

Book well in advance so that you get a comfortable cabin for yourself in the dhow. People who generally book in the last minute end up frustrated because of lack of space on the cruise. So make sure that you are not facing that by booking in advance.

Dhows in Dubai generally have a fixed departure time. Therefore, you need to know beforehand about the departure so that you don’t miss it because when it is time to depart, the dhow just takes off irrespective of whether all the passengers have arrived or not. If it departs before you get on board, the travel company is not under any sort of obligation to refund the money you have paid for the trip. It is therefore recommended that you know the departure time and reach there twenty to thirty minutes prior to the departure.
Usually, there isn’t any kind of dress code for cruises but it would be better to put on some smart clothing to have a fantastic experience. In case you haven’t brought anything along, there are various places in Dubai where you can buy good clothes that you can wear on your dinner cruise. If you plan to cruise during winter, you should prefer getting along some warm clothing. You don’t want the winter cold to spoil your romantic dinner plan.

It’s always good to capture your moments, which would later on become memories that you would cherish throughout your life. So getting a camera would be a good option. But it is important that you adhere to the guidelines set by the travel company regarding photography while you are on your dinner cruise. Take pictures only when there isn’t any kind of restriction.

Once your cruise has been approved, the travel company might, at times, cancel the trip due to some unforeseen circumstances. For example, changes in the weather condition or a government ruling may prompt them to cancel the trip. In such cases you will either get a refund of the amount you have paid or you would be allowed to book an alternative flight.

Keep these things in mind so that your trip goes on smoothly without any kind of interruptions and you can make it a great romantic dinner for your loved one.

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