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Teachergive Sale 2023

How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer

>> Jun 13, 2016

Marriage is billed to be one of the highlights in life and traditionally, it lasted until death.  However, in our modern world this is much less often the case.  As the marriage is legally binding, getting divorced often involves the expertise of a legal professional.  This can seem like a minefield, particularly at a time when you are likely to be stressed and having to deal with multiple issues concurrently.  Here are some suggestions as to how to find the right divorce lawyer out there for you. 

In our modern world there are many options available for finding a divorce lawyer.  There are many online ‘do it yourself’ kits available where you can download the relevant forms and instruction guides.  Some companies that offer these also have a phone line where you can speak to a customer adviser.  Whilst not a divorce lawyer in person, these sites can be good for those individuals who feel capable enough to take on the paperwork themselves.   

Getting divorced can be an expensive business and costs can rise dramatically.  A good divorce lawyer will ensure they communicate all costs up front before you have to pay anything.  In addition they will always ensure you are fully aware of what you are paying for.  Many lawyers often ask for payment in stages as you go along, thus avoiding one huge outlay at the beginning.

As with any tradesperson or business, recommendations can go along way and divorce lawyers are no different.  Ask around and see if there is anyone who can discuss their experiences of getting divorced.  This can be critical to finding the right lawyer for you; a personal recommendation means much more than internet reviews from strangers.  This can help to put your mind at ease as you know you will be treated fairly and you can trust the lawyer.

Before signing any paperwork or paying any money to hire a divorce lawyer, you should ask for an introductory meeting where you can meet them and explain your situation. You can often ask for this to be free and many good lawyers will happily agree to this.  By doing this you can get a feel for them and their way of working, as well as how interested they are in your case.  Lawyers are busy people and you don’t want your case to be sat at the bottom of a pile of files. 

Find a lawyer who is understanding and empathetic, but most importantly, who listens to you.  After all, you are the client and should be instructing them.  

Look for someone who has the relevant and necessary professional qualifications.  You would be entitled to ask for proof of their membership of the governing body, or copies of their qualifications.  You need to be sure you are instructing a suitably qualified instructor to handle your affairs; after all, they could be making arrangements that affect your home, children and income for years to come.  Again, a good lawyer will happily agree to this and will want to ensure you feel at ease and reassured.

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