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5 Reasons for Making the Elliptical Trainer Part of Your Workout Routine – Drench Health & Fitness

>> Sep 2, 2017

People have different names for the elliptical trainer. Some refer to it as the X trainer and some call it the cross-trainer. Whichever term you use, you’re referring to the motionless fitness machine that simulates walking, running or climbing a hill. Compared to the more familiar treadmill, elliptical trainers are gentler on the joints and still give you a great workout.
So, what are the benefits of using the elliptical trainer?

1. Aids mobility and balance

The elliptical trainer aids with mobility and balance. For people who have ACL surgery, for example, the machine assists them in gradually regaining hip motion. It is for this reason that a number of hospitals recommend the use of elliptical trainers to patients. It is however important to adjust the intensity of the exercise based on the severity of the injury.

2. Mimics various exercises

Walking, jogging, climbing, running… The elliptical trainer mimics all these exercise and offering various levels of intensity and resistance. Some models have wireless equipment for monitoring your heart. Modern elliptical trainers can even regulate the intensity of the machine based on your heart rate to ensure comfort and safety.

3. Works out your entire body

When you exercise on the best elliptical 2018, you effectively work out both your upper and lower body. Nearly all the muscles in your body are worked out at the same time, which improves the formation and strength of bones, among other body functions. As your overall fitness progresses, you can increase the level of resistance upwards for more challenging workouts.

4. Uses minimal space

If you are among the people who don’t have time to visit the gym regularly, you might want to consider buying an elliptical machine and using it at home. It’s an investment in your health. You may be concerned that the machine is too large for your house and will take up too much space, but with a little thought, you could find a great spot for it.

You can put it in one corner of your bedroom and get your workouts early in the morning, or you could set it in a designated workout spot in your basement. The living area can be a good location if you want to work out as you watch TV. Just make sure it is placed on flat ground out of the way. Models that fold are available and are quite convenient.

5. Inexpensive to maintain

After carrying out research on models available in the market and considering your budget and exercise needs, you can certainly find an elliptical trainer that strikes a good balance between cost and value. It does not have many moving parts and movements on the machine are low-impact. Maintaining it is therefore inexpensive.
In summary, elliptical trainers offer a number of benefits that far exceed the investment you will make in the initial cost and ongoing maintenance of the machine. To obtain maximum value, shop around and read reviews so that you buy an elliptical trainer that best suits both your exercise needs and budget.

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