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Do You Want to Maximise Your Space Utilization in Small Bathroom?

>> Sep 4, 2017

Bathroom is an important place in every household where all members of the family need to spend quality time at least once in a day. Therefore, it is essential that bathroom should be spacious enough so that one can feel comfortable while using their bathroom. However, if you have small bathroom space then you need to design the bathroom in such a way that you can do maximum space utilization.

In this small article, we shall discuss about few ways of maximising space in a small bathroom with few innovative ideas.

Create sufficient space with shelves

If the size of your bathroom is much smaller then it will be a good idea to create sufficient amount of shelving space by using its wall where you can store your various toiletry items. The shelves should however be designed in such a manner that it is easily accessible. This way, you can save lots of space and even your small sized bathroom will have sufficient room for free movement.

Utilize the Toilet area

Often in many bathrooms, the area above toilets remains totally unutilised.  Therefore, if you make small cabinet in this location and make a sliding door for opening, then you can store some of the important items.

Create cabinet under the sink

Usually, in many bathrooms it has been observed that lots of space is taken near the sink where people like to keep many of their essential items that are needed over there. Why don’t you create a cabinet under the sink so that the sink size can be restricted to consume lesser horizontal space in the bathroom?

Place your door wisely

When you open or close your door, it consumes plenty of space and if your bathroom has limited amount of space then due to this reason you have to sacrifice lots of space unnecessarily. Therefore, choose your location of door in such a way that it does not block any space. You can also consider having sliding doors instead.

Visual trick to create more space

There are various visual tricks that can be done, which will make it appear that there is sufficient space. The placement of mirror can easily perform this trick, if you place its location in such a way that as soon you enter you get mirror reflection. Using large size mirror can also do this trick. Besides that, you can also get the feeling of larger space by painting the wall with any colour of lighter shade.

Take advantage of your accessories

These days, many different kinds of bathroom accessories are available in the market, which can help you to maximise your space utilization. Choose few accessories that can do multiple functions so that you will not require additional space to install many numbers of accessories.

Use the toilet door

You can utilise the toilet doors too for placing certain toilet accessories like towel stand or soap dispenser etc. This will also generate some amount of horizontal space in your bathroom.

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WE September 4, 2017 at 8:39 PM  

Well written post on the space utilization, thanks for sharing these points.

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